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How to Get Clients for Web Development? (5 Effective Ways)

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Web Development is emerging day by day and within this emerging field, numerous people were getting connected day by day. However, after learning the skills of web development most people want to work manually by getting clients from various platforms.

But there were several persons who get confused about how to get clients for web development. So, in this article, I am going to discuss how to get clients for web development. so, read this full article to get the information.

So, how to get clients for web development? it is a very common question that lots of newbie web developers have to ask. There were several platforms are there from which you can very easily get web development and web design clients, and here I mention some of the essential places to get the clients- Facebook Groups, Websites or Blog, YouTube, Freelancing platforms, Forum websites, etc. 

In the below section I have discussed in detail how you should get your web development & web Designing clients from these platforms, so stick to the end of this article for more information.

Facebook Groups:

Facebook is considered one of the biggest social media platforms which were formed by Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2004. And after that, this platform emerged day by day and today everyone is familiar with Facebook and with the help Facebook, you can connect to anyone via messaging, video calls, and groups.

In fact, in recent time, Facebook has become one of the biggest brands and there was numerous business that runs on these platforms. So, as a web developer, you can find works or find clients on this platform via Facebook groups.

Facebook group is such a place where some interested people are engaged with one another, to share information, knowledge, skills, and lots of other things. So, if you are a web developer join the various Facebook groups for web development and take the clients from those groups. And it is one of the most popular sources for getting clients for your work.

Freelancing Platform:

As a web developer or designer you can also work as a freelancer, what I mean to say is that as a web developer you can also gain some clients via freelancing platforms. There were numerous freelancing platforms there such as Upwork, Fiverr, and

Just visits these platforms and create your own portfolio, after creating your own portfolio then go into the job section, and there apply for several kinds of web development and designing jobs.

And if you create a good portfolio and profile, then you can very easily get user interaction with people. And from these platforms, you can also get international clients and these clients are always ready to pay you lots of dollars.

And after accomplishing the works of website development or designing you can very easily withdraw the payment via your Paypal account.


As a web developer, you have to always build your own website because your website will become your identity within this web development field.

And after establishing your own website, you can make it visible to search engines, and after getting some traffic to your website you can get web development services.

Or otherwise, you can create your own web development service websites and gain some traffic to the websites, so you can very easily get the web development services by applying these techniques.


Youtube has become a very popular search engine in the last five or six years, and within this search engine, lots of people are building their own businesses.

Here, I want to suggest you, start a youtube channel, and share your all knowledge about web development or web designing on that channel. And when some interaction will starts within your channel you will easily get lots of clients who will be offering the jobs for web development.

Forum Websites:

The forum website is also a very useful platform for web developers. Generally, forum websites are those kinds of sites where you will get all the question-answer information. People are asking lots of questions on those platforms or websites and other people also provides you with the answer to that question within these platforms.

So as a web developer you can do one thing, you can make your profile within various Forum websites such as- Quora, Reddit, etc. And whenever people will ask a question, you have to provide the answer to that question. And at the bottom of that answer, you have to provide a link to your own website.

So, whenever the users will visit your website they will notice your web development services and there might be a possibility that the users will take the web development services from you.

Telegram Groups:

It is a kind of open-source, cross-platform, and instant messaging software that is emerging day by day. We can also say that telegram is the only competitor of Whatsapp.

And this platform provides all the features that Whatsapp was providing to its users. Within telegram, you will get all kinds of sources. And there were numerous telegram groups there, from where you can easily get web development clients.

So, as a web developer, you just have to join lots of telegram groups and you have to get the clients from these groups.


Usually, LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented service and as a user, you can access these platforms via websites or applications.

This platform is very useful for job seekers. So, as a web developer, a LinkedIn profile is a must for you. Just create a LinkedIn profile and there provide a link to your website and start the interaction with big companies. Because from these places you will get the sponsorship of backlinks, you will get the clients for web development and designing and besides that, you will also get the guest posts sponsorship.

How to Get International Clients for Web Development?

Well, targeting the international audience with web development is really very essential because if you are able to get the international audience then you can very easily able to earn lots of money.

To get international clients you have to create some networks because without networks you will not be able to gain international clients. And there were several social media platforms from which you can build your networks. The most effective way to build the network is through Facebook and through your online presence.

How to Get Clients as Freelance Web Developers?

As a web developer, you can work as a freelancer and in recent times there were several freelancing platforms available where you can work as a freelancer.

To work as a freelancer just visits any freelancing platforms such as – Upwork, Fiverr, and, and there built your portfolio.

At first, you will not get any high-paying jobs, so at first, you can get the clients and do their work within a very less amount and after accomplishing some projects, you increase your hourly rate.

In Conclusion:

In this article, I have discussed how to get clients for web development. and by following these methods you can very easily get any web development job. I hope, you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can definitely ask me in the comments section.

And if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section, and if this article is helpful for you then do share and follow this website regularly for this kind of informational and helpful article.