How to Fix a Broken Laptop Hinge?

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Do you confused about How to Fix a Broken Laptop Hinge ? and what will be the cost and what is the method then, read this full article; here, I will reveal all the essential information with you about Laptop Hinges. So let’s start the article.

What is Hinge on Laptop?

The Hinge is a kind of object through which two other objects correlate. Similarly, in Laptop, there is the presence of a Hinge through which the back portion of the Laptop, your screen, and the front portion of the Laptop are attached.

If, by chance, your laptop hinge is broken, then there might be some problems that occur when you use a Laptop.

It might not open properly, or otherwise, it might not close properly.

Why Laptop Hinges Broke?

The Hinge of the Laptop is a very soft portion if you do not take it after this, then it might be broken very easily.

And there is not any warranty on the Laptop Hinge portions; if the Hinge brokes, then you have to repair it yourself, or otherwise, if you visit the service center, then the service center will take some money from you to repair the Hinge.

Here I will mention some of the techniques through which your Laptop Hinge was broken, and if you look at these techniques, then you can easily defend your laptop from the broken Hinge portions.

Not opening the Laptop Properly:

If you do not open your laptop accurately and provide too many muscles on it, then it will provide some extra load to your Laptop’s Hinges, and when it is incapable of handling the burden, then it is broken.

Not close your Laptop Carefully:

Many times we are in a hurry to close the Laptop, and therefore we provide much force on it, and in this mode, the hinge can be broken.

Occurred position:

Sometimes we set our laptop into some occurred positions and therefore its unusual occurrence can be broken very easily.

Bend too much your screen:

Sometimes due to our work, we bend our laptop too much, and therefore our Laptop Hinge feels the pressure in this manner; the Hinge can also be broken.

Screw falls:

Well, many small screws are present within the laptop, and when any one of the screws falls by chance, then the Hinge can be broken.

These are some of the principal reasons why the Laptop Hinge is broken.

How Long Does a Laptop Hinge Last?

Well, there is no appropriate time for how long does a laptop hinge lasts. It is not part of any software.

Till it is a very soft piece of any laptop, and if you take care of your laptop, then it will last very long without causing any damage.

But if I talk about estimates of how long a laptop hinge lasts, then I would say it will be around 3 years to 5 years.

And if you take care of it, then it will last almost around 6 years to 10 years approximately.

Different Types of Laptop Hinges and How it breaks?

Well, the Hinges of your Laptop can break in numerous ways and in different ways, and we have different approaches to repair that.

Here I mention in how many situations Laptop Hinges can be broken.

  1. When a Hinge of your Laptop breaks, then most usually, your front-end keyboard portions become connectionless from your laptop’s back portions.
  2. Secondly, your screen becomes dispatched from your keyboard.
  3. And finally, the back portion of the laptop dispatch from your front portion and your screen.

How to Fix a Broken Laptop Hinge?

Well, there are diverse ways in which you can fix or repair the Hinge of the Laptop. And here, I will discuss all the steps and how you can repair the laptop hinge very comfortably.

But before starting the requirements process of your Laptop Hinge, there are some requirements.

And we need three main elements; here, I mention the names of those elements.

  • The first requirements are C – Clamp or G – Clamp (Which you will get from any local hardware store)
  • The second essential thing is Araldite. 
  • And another item you will need is a set of screwdrivers.

Once you have prepared the things, then follow the steps to fix the broken Hinge of your Laptop.

Step 1:

In your first step, you have to figure out how to disassemble your laptop. You can watch an online video about how to fix your laptop.

And then remove all the screws of your laptop’s back portion and the hard disk from your laptop. 

There are not any requirements to remove the RAM from your Laptop. 

The next big point is to remove the keyboard from the laptop. There are small grooves that hold keys into keyboards. You have to just press on those grooves, and the keyboard will come out. You can easily accomplish this process with the help of any knife.

Step 2:

Once you remove the keyboard from your laptop, then there is a power cord that attaches to the main body just remove that cord from your laptop’s main body.

Step 3:

Now open the packet of Araldite, and within, there are two essential things in this Araldite one is the reason, and another is harder.

You have to take both things within fifty, fifty portions, or in 1: 1 portion. And now, use some ingredients such as a pencil to mix both things properly and uniformly. 

Step 4:

Once you have mixed both ingredients properly then, apply them to the Hinge area of your Laptop. Just apply it properly and as much as you can apply.

Step 5:

Now, after that, just pull the Hinge off your laptop and place it into its original place.

Now keep your laptop in any particular place somewhere around a table. 

Step 6:

Now just use the c clam and just unscrew it and put it inside the laptop hinge, and screw it again tightly.

Now keep your Laptop fixed in that particular position for at least 24 hours.

And after 24 hours then, remove the c clamp, and your Laptop Hinge problem will fix automatically now; just assemble your Laptop again.

Well, if you don’t understand how to fix your laptop’s Hinge problem of your laptop, then you can watch this video. 

How do I Stop my Laptop Hinges from Breaking?

Well, you can easily stop your Laptop’s Hinges from breaking. Here I reveal some of the essential tips through which you can easily protect your Laptop from breaking the Hinge. Just follow the steps and tips.

  • Always open your Laptop in a proper many don’t provide much pressure while opening the Laptop.
  • Secondly, don’t bend your Laptop too much. When we bend our Laptop too much, the Hinges are affected, and after some time it, was broken.
  • Always take your Laptop into a safe position. If you don’t take it to an occurred place, your laptop’s Hinge might be affected.

Can Laptop Hinges be Repaired?

The laptop hinges can be repaired very comfortably. But you did not get any kind of warranty for the laptop hinge. 

Once this was a break, then you have to repair this with yourself.

Or otherwise, you have to visit the customer care shop they will take some money from you, and they will repair that.

How to Fix Laptop Screen Hinge?

Sometimes the hinge of your laptop breaks, and therefore it affects your laptop screen and screen frame.

You can quickly fix that problem by yourself. But on How to Fix a Broken Laptop Hinge and screen properly, you have to follow some of the essential steps, and here I discuss those steps.

Step 1: 

First, disassemble your laptop and open all the screws from your laptop.

Step 2: 

Secondly, remove the battery from your laptop and open your laptop screen accurately.

Step 3: 

Use faviquick gum and Araldite and give it to the hinge of your laptop and into your laptop screen portions where it was broken.

Step 4: 

Now leave it for 6 to 8 hours and then assemble your laptop again, which will fix your laptop screen hinge problem automatically.

Laptop Hinges Repair Costs

As I mentioned earlier, the Laptop Hinge can be repaired in numerous ways and several manners. 

And the costs of the Hinge repairing also based on which circumstances is your Laptop is. 

If your laptop hinge just starts the problem, then you can easily repair this with low costs and a low budget.

And if we take any approximate amount about what will be the costs of Laptop Hinge repair, then it will be somewhere around 600 rupees to 2000 rupees.

The repairing costs might be distinctive in various cases and conditions.

Remember one more thing if your laptop hinge is broken within one year then also you can not get the warranty.

Because there was not any kind of hinge breaks warranty policy provided by the computer and laptop companies.

Acer Laptop Hinge Repair Cost

The average cost of the Laptop Hinges is not fixed at all. The laptop hinges are available at various prices.

If you check the Acer Laptop Hinge price on Amazon, then it will be around 450 rupees to 1000 rupees.

Besides this, you also have to pay the fees of the repairer, which will be somewhere around 500 rupees to 800 rupees.

Now, if I talk about the predicted costs of repairing the Acer Laptop Hinge, then it will be almost around 1000 rupees to 1500 rupees.

And if you can repair it within your home, then you just have to buy the Hinge, which will be around 500 rupees.

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Laptop Hinge Screws

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Laptop Hinge Cover

The Laptop Hinge covers are very much helpful in connecting your laptop Hinge strongly, and you can use these kinds of covers during the Hinge repair process. 

And if we talk about the Laptop Hinge Cover Price, then it will be available for around 500 rupees to 1500 rupees range.

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This article is all about the Laptop Hinge and here I mention How to Fix a Broken Laptop Hinge.

Besides that, here, we also cover some other important aspects of Laptop Hinges.

I hope you like this article, and if you have any kind of query, then you can ask me in the comment box section.