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How to do Mail merge in Libreoffice?

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Welcome to this article here we will discuss the mail merge option in LibreOffice. Here we provide a detailed guide about how to perform the mail merge in LibreOffice.

At first, we will discuss what is the mail merge – actually mail merge is a kind of feature through which we can send the same letters to multiple persons.

Now we will discuss about how to set the mail merge in libreoffice step by step.

Step 1:

In the first step just write the letter properly. Mention the recipient’s name, mention address, subject, and the body of the document.

After the completion of writing the letter then open the mail merge option. And in LibreOffice, the mail merge option is given under the tools menu.

Just click on the tools menu and click on mail merge wizard option.

Step 2:

In this step, a dialogue box will appear in front of us. You have to select the option from there such as – use the current document, create a new document, and start from exiting document. Or otherwise, you can also start from the template.

For most of the cases we starts from use from the current document .

Step 3 :

In this step, we have to select the document type. Two options are provided here one is a letter and another is an email message. Here we will select a letter for our option.

Step 4 :

In this step we have to insert the address block. From here we have to select the recipient address format.

Just click on the select different address list and click on the add option to create a new address list. After the creation of the list then presses the ok button.

Step 5:

Now in this step, we have to select the salutation part, by default it is checked into dear Mr name, but we can also change this salutation format according to our requirements. And now click on the next option.

Step 6 :

In this part, we have to adjust the layout option, and we have to select the format, from here we can also move or down the layout or also can align the layout. And now just click on the finish option.

Step 7 :

This is actually the final step and in this step, we have to just click on the edit individual document option. This will automatically appear as the mail merges into our document.


This article is all about how to do mail merge in LibreOffice, I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then please ask me at

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