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How to do Autosum in LibreOffice ?

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Welcome to this article here we will discuss the Autosum feature in LibreOffice, so please read this full article for more information.

Basically, the Autosum feature allows us to sum the numbers automatically. In LibreOffice Calc, this feature is provided just beside the formula bar.

Here i wills how you an example about how to use the Autosum feature in libreoffice.

First create a table , here i creates a table and mention a students name and also mention some marks on that table.

Autosum in Libreoffice

Here i mention the students name that is pallab mitra and then also mention mark in various subjects.

Now in the next step click on the Autosum feature that is provided besides the function.

Autosum in Libreoffice

Click on the sum option to use the Autosum feature.

Now the Autosum feature is enable and now you can see that the total marks on the column.

Autosum in Libreoffice
Autosum in Libreoffice

In this way we can easily enable the Autosum feature inside our calc or spreadsheet.

LibreOffice Autosum shortcut :

There is not any specific shortcut available for this Autosum option. We can use this feature with a single click and this feature is provided beside the function wizard.

Why is my Autosum not working? :

People have always search that their Autosum is not working properly. I would recommend them to select the cells properly before applying the Autosum feature.


This article is all about the Autosum feature in LibreOffice. I hope you like this article and if you have any kind of query then please ask me at

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