How to create an email signature in gmail

How to create an email signature in Gmail?


Before knowing about how to create email signature we have to gain some knowledge about what is email signature.

When we write a letter at that time we sign at the bottom of that letter the reader easily understood that you have written the letter.

Actually your signature gives your unique identity,in the same process in email we use email signature.

In email where we write the description of email there we also write our name ,that is called email signature.

How to create an email signature in Gmail:

When we send an email to someone at that moment our signature on the bottom of the email creates the email more effective and more professional.


1. Just open your gmail by giving your mail id and password.

2. Then click on the compose button and a dialogue box will open.

3. Go to settings button of your gmail that appears on the top right hand sight and click on the setting option.

4. Another new tab will open, that is the general tab when you scroll your page you find a signature column, by default that is checked into no signature option, but we have to change that option.

Now in the empty signature box we can enter any signature.

5. Generally in the signature section we enter our name, address, or any logo, you can enter other things as well. And make your text bold, italics, underline and you can also provide links. From the uppermost section, you can insert any kind of image also as an email signature.

How to create an email signature in outlook:

To create email signature in your outlook,you have to first open the outlook.

1. Just click on the file menu and go to options and under options just click on the mail and click on the signature.

We can open the email signature box in another way also,just click on the search bar and type signature.

2. Click on the new for creating a new email signature and type the text you want to appear as an email signature and just click on ok

3. Now simply insert some name,address,phone numbers,logos and click on ok.


This article is all about how to create an email signature in Gmail and in outlook and here I provide a detailed guide about email signature. I hope you like this article.

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