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How to create a table of contents in Libreoffice?

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The table of contents feature is almost provided to every word processing software. Such as in Microsoft office as well as in the Libre Office.

The table of contents is mostly used in the first pages of books. When we write any books on the very first page the TOC will appear automatically.

To create the toc or table of contents succesfully we have to declare the headings properly.

The specialty of creating the TOC is that we can click the ctrl button and can move easily into the headings of our document.

Steps of creating a table of contents in libreoffice:

Here i mention the steps to create a succesfull table of contents.

Step 1 :

Atfirst we have to create a sample document into a new page. And write some notes inside that .


Step 2 :

In this step we have to write the headings properly and give headings into a particular manner.

Step 3:

Now insert a new document before your main document. And go to insert menu – table of contents option- and click on the table of contents index or bibliography option.

Step 4:

A dialogue box will appear in front of you and from this dialogue box, you can select the type, entries, styles, columns, bibliography, and other things.

And then press on the ok button. Table of contents will automatically appear infront of you.


How do you create a table of contents in Libreoffice?:

It is a very simple process to create the table of contents Just go to insert menu- Table of contents option- Table of contents, index, bibliography option.

How to delete table of contents in libreoffice:

If you want to delete the option then just open the LibreOffice app and go to the insert tab and choose the table of contents option there you will get the option to delete the TOC.

Libreoffice table of contents formatting:

You can format the LibreOffice according to your requirements. After opening the box, just go to the style tab and you can format the LibreOffice according to your convenience.


This article is all about how to insert table of contents inside libreoffice.

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