How to create a table in word

How to create a table in word?

Welcome to here in this article , here i will explain how to create a table in word to know about this please read this full article.

Tables are the very useful method in which we can present our data into a tabular format.

Table shows many types of contents ,statistical ,repost, price review, product reviews etc.

In all the books in the beginning we will find a table which list all our main topic.

How can I create a table in word :

In this article, we will discuss how we can create a table in ms word. Creating a table in ms word is a very easy process.

But there are lots of versions like ms word 2007,ms word 2016,ms word 2010.

The process of creating a table is almost similar to every software versions.

Step 1:

For creating a table we just have to go into insert menu and place your cursor where you want to appear your table.

Step 2:

Select columns and rows according to your requirements. Mainly you have to select columns, and if you press the tab then automatically rows will be inserted.

Insert table option

From here we can give a certain amount of column and row no and hit the ok, which will automatically insert rows and columns.

Autofit behavior

Fixed column width:

This feature indicates that when we write some content on a table then the text does not go and increase the table with instead of that the text appears at the bottom.

By default it is checked into auto.This feature is mostly used by us.

Autofit to contents:

This is totally different from the first ones this indicates that the text also increased the table width until you press the enter key from the keyboard.

Autofit to windows:

This will increase the window size of your page.

Draw table:

From this section we can draw table according to us.

When we insert a table from upper options then the table columns are arranged into the proper distance, but if we create a table from here then we can set column size into any distance.

Create text to table:

We can convert our text into table.

To do that just right some text and select the text and select the converted text to table option a pop-up window will open, just select the row and columns numbers you need and press ok.

Excel spreadsheet:

From here we can enter any excel sheet into our document.

Just click on this option and the sheet will automatically insert into our document and we can perform any kind of excel calculation.

Quick tables:

From here we can use readymade tables. The tables are in the calender format or in te other format also.

Formatting tables in word

First create a table and select the table and then go to layout section.


From here we can select such things like cell,column,rows or we can also select the whole table.


From here we can delete such things.

Delete cell:

select the cell>delete option

Delete column:

select the column >delete column.

Delete rows:

Select the rows >delete rows

Delete table:

select the table>delete table option.

Insert above:

From here we can insert rows above where we want.

Insert below:

From here we can insert rows towards below.

Insert left:

We can insert any column towards the left hand side.

Insert right:

We can insert any column towards the right hand side.

Merge cells:

Merging of cells are very useful feature ,we can merge cells according to our need.

Suppose we created a table where we insert 2 headings by name, roll no, we can merge both the tables and make it just one table.

Split cells:

Split cells is used to break our one cell into multiple cells.

Such as we create a table and give names and roll numbers in just one cell, through this option we can divide these cells into two or multiple cells.

The number of coumns we need that we have to mention in the dialogue box.

Split table:

Suppose you want to separate your table into multiple cells then we can do that easily. Just place your cursor in the table from where you want to separate and click on the splittable option.

Height and width:

From here we can select and set the height and width of columns.

By default, the height is set to 0.23. This feature is not much use for us we can set these things with a mouse cursor also.

Text direction:

This option is used to move our text direction inside table cells.We can move our text direction into left,right.

Cell margin:

This is a very important and helpful feature. When we write some text on the table there is a small space aside from our table cell borders, through this option we can increase or decrease the spaces.

When we insert any table in word then 2 other tabs are open. Such as design and layout.

We already read all the things regarding layout,and in design tab we can do all the coloring things part.

Design tab

Tables styles:

Just click on the drop-down list and you will found various kinds of tables that are already made by MS word select any one of those tables.

Banded rows:

Banded rows actually here means that alternative rows have been colored. We can click on the checkbox and remove this.

Banded columns:

This is same as banded rows here the alternative columns have been cooured..

Header row:

From here we can erase the header row colour.

Cut and paste:

First, create a table the select any column by right-clicking, and goes to the home tab, use the cut option or press ctrl+x from a keyboard or right-click by mouse and now move your mouse cursor where you want to insert your column and paste it by pressing ctrl+v.

Copy and paste:

This is a very similar process as cut and pastes just select the column and right-click press copy or press ctrl+c from the keyboard and paste that where you want by pressing ctrl+v.

Distribute rows:

This option is given under the layout tab.In table all the table spaces are not equal ,but we can arrange that space.

So if you click on the distribute rows option then all the tables have equal height now.

Distribute columns:

Similar to rows some columns have a bigger size and some columns have a smaller size, but if you click on this option then all the columns have equal width themselves.


We can select alignment our text. There are nine positions.

The first option is top left, second is middle top, third is right top.4th is the right middle,5th is middle,6th is left middle,7th is a right button,8th is center bottom,9th is the right bottom.


Here in this article, we discuss how to create a table in word. To read this kind of informational article please follow our website.

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