How to create a mail merge

How to create a mail merge?

Welcome to here in this article and here I explain how to create a mail merge in word, in excel as well as in LibreOffice writer, please read this full article in detail.


The mail merge feature is one of the most useful and helpful features for a user. This feature is provided by many of the software.

Before learning how to do a mail merge ,we have to know that what mail merge actually is.

Basically, mail merge is the process in which we can snd mail to multiple persons, but for doing that we have to create a database of those persons.

For example-a company want to send the happy new year message to all its employees, if there are 20 -30 employees in the company then that is all right, a company can type their name, address and send the message but if there are 2000 people in the company then it is not possible to send the same message to 2000 people by typing their names, address every time.

To overcome this situation we use the mail merge feature.

Importance of mail merge :

1.This feature saves a lots of users time

2.It also saves users efforts.

3.User can use the same database details anytime they needed.

How to do a mail merge in word:

Already we mention what mail merge is .

The mail merge option is provided under the mailings tab.

Normally we can complete our task by following 6 steps of mail merge.

1st step:

In the first step we have to go the start mail merge option that is provided under the mailings tab.

After that, a dialogue box will open, and various options are available such as-letters, email messages, envelopes, labels, directory.

Here we select letters you can choose any of these options according to your wish.

Now type your letters that you want to send to multiple persons. But before typing the letter please press sometimes the enter key there we have to insert the people’s name, address.

2nd step:

After doing all these things we have to go in the 2nd step.Here we click on the select recipients option.

And you will find a box,there you have to select any option type new list or use existing list.

If you already create the persons name,address or details then click on the 2nd option otherwise select new list.

Here we select type new list.A box will open infront of you where we have to fill persons details .

Too many details are available like-title,first name,last name,company name,address,city etc.We can select these or delete these according to our wish.

For doing that we have to click on the customize columns options from there we can delete or modified those columns.

Here we select just 5 options – name,address,city,pin code,mobile no.

And give all details of a person and press tab key from keyboard that helps us to input other details of other persons.

After the completion of the list press the ok button. It moves us to our desktop we have to save these details n our documents.

This helps us to use the list again in the future.

After saving the list all the mail merge options is activate on the word.

3rd step:

In the 3rd step, we have to click on the edit recipient list option. After clicking on this option a list will open which we made earlier.

From here we can modify this list. Suppose we made some mistakes and we want to insert someone’s name in that list then we can do that by clicking on the data source and edit button the list will automatically appear in front of your screen.

We can insert anyone’s name or delete anyone’s name.

4th step:

In this step we have to go to the insert merge field option and a list will appear.

The list is about name,address,city,mobile that we made.

Now just click on the name and come into your letter and paste the name where you want to give persons name.

In this process we can enter all the details.

5th step:

In the 5th step we have to click on the preview result option.

This option bring the persons name,address,phone no,city that we already write from the insert merge field oprtions.

6th step:

This is the final step, here we have to click the finish and merge option some menus are open in front of us such as-edit individual documents, print documents, send an email message.

Edit individual document create a list and prepare a file of all those list and give a new file.

Print documentwill give printout of all letter document.

Send email message will semd this through email.

Just click on the edit individual documentand select all and then press ok.

How to do a mail merge in excel:

To use the mail merge feature in excel we have to take help of word.

Below we give a step by step guide about how we can create any excel table mail merge in word.

1st step:

In the first step we have to create a list by using excel and save that into my desktop folder.

2nd step:

In this step we have to create a letter format by using ms word and save that letter format into the same folder.

3nd step:

In this step we have to go to the mailing tab-select recipient option-use an existing list option-now goes to that folder where we save our document-now open the excel fie-now select the sheet-press ok.

4th step:

In this step we have to click on the insert merge field option and select persons details accordingto your requirements

5th step:

Go to the Mailings tab and click on the preview result option, you will find the person nae details that you have already inserted.

6th step:

This is the last step.Just go too finish and merge option and click on the print document and press ok.

How to do a mail merge in LibreOffice writer :

For doing the mail merge we have to first open the LibreOffice writer. In LibreOffice, the mail merge option is provided under the tools menu.

1st step:

In the first step we have to just write the letter that we want to send ,then go to tools menu-mail merge wizard option.

2nd step:

After moving into mail merge wizard option a dialogue box will open. starting documen-use the current document-next . document type-letter/email message -next .

3.Insert address block -select different address list-create the address list according to your requirements-edit-new-give other persons name-select the list-next.

4.create salution-new-change accordingto your requirements-ok-next.

5.adjust layout-finish.

3rd step:

Click on the edit individual documents you will find all the persons details instead of common details.

Types of mail merge:

Types of mail merge actually here indicating that when we create any mail merge at that time what various options are available.

We can choose mail merge in letter format,,or in email message ,in envelops,labels or also in directory also.


This article is all about how to create a mail merge? and here I explain how to create a mail merge in word, in excel as well as in LibreOffice writer. I hope you like this article and if you have any kind of query then please ask me at [email protected].

And please follow our website for this kind of informational article.

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