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How to convert Libreoffice PDF to word?

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Welcome to this article here we will discuss how to convert the LibreOffice pdf to word, but before that, we have to convert the LibreOffice document as a Word file, and here I will mention the steps, so please read this full article.


In LibreOffice there are lots of new features are includes and here we also can make our document into pdf format.

In LibreOffice writer the pdf option is provided under the file menu, just go to the File menu and click on the pdf option.

Here I mention some of the steps of creating the pdf file in LibreOffice writer.

How to create a pdf file in LibreOffice writer :

Step 1:

First creates a document that we can convert as pdf document, then click on the file menu option.

Step 2:

Then click on the export option , and then choose the file type as pdf file type , and click on save and then on export.

In this process we can easily create a pdf file into our LibreOffice, now we will be discussing how to convert this document into word.

How to convert Libreoffice PDF to word?:

After the creation of the pdf file then we have to just click on the export as an option and from there we will found an option that is Email as Microsoft word option.

Just click on that and from there you can easily move your document into the word.

In this process, we can send our LibreOffice file to word, but if you want to convert the LibreOffice pdf format into Microsoft word format then sorry, LibreOffice did not provide this kind of feature.


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