How to Change Whatsapp Group Icon?

WhatsApp group is such a beneficial and effective feature that generally provides by WhatsApp. You can invite anyone by creating any group. These groups are very valuable to share any kinds of events such as – images, videos, documents, important messages, etc. In any WhatsApp group, the group icon is a very much noticeable thing. Technically it does not have much value but in terms of group identification, it is a very useable thing. It suggests the people what was the topic of this group and subjects matters related to this group. So please read this full guide here will explain about How to Change WhatsApp Group Icon?

Step 1: 

First, go to the main menu of your device and then find Whatsapp. And if the WhatsApp application is not present on your device then you can also use the Whatsapp web feature.

Step 2:

Then open Whatsapp and select the group whose icon you want to change.

Step 3:

Then click on the portion of the subject of that group, which appears at the top of the chat group.

Step 4:

howto chane whatsapp group icon

Now tap on the current group icon and now tap on the pencil icon which appears at the top right corner.

Step 5:

howto chane whatsapp group icon

Now from here, you can choose the photo from your device, from your gallery, camera, etc.

Step 6:

howto chane whatsapp group icon

Once you have chosen the photo then crop the icon properly and then click on the done option.

Then you will get a message about the group icon has been updated.

In this process, you can easily change the group icon of any WhatsApp group.

How to Change WhatsApp Group Icon on iPhone

Well, the changing of the WhatsApp Group Icon on the iPhone is very much a similar process to change the group icon on other devices. Till here I follow the steps about how to set a group icon on WhatsApp on iPhone.

Step 1:

Just open Whatsapp and then select the group whose icon you want to change.

Step 2:

Now just visit the group info page and here click on the existing profile picture and then click on the pencil icon.

Step 3:

Now choose the gallery and choose the photo and crop the photo and then click on the done option.

How to Change WhatsApp Group Icon without Admin

Well, you can change the WhatsApp Icon without Admin but for that, you have to become a group member of that group.

Step 1:

First, open any of the WhatsApp groups and then visit the group info page of that group.

Step 2:

Now visit the file manager of your device and copy the hangouts folders and paste it inside of your memory.

In most cases, this step is not needed, so you can avoid this step.

Step 3:

Now again visit the Whatsapp group and click on the pencil icon and selects the image from the device just crop it and fix the image.

How to Set Gif as WhatsApp Group Icon

Well, the term Gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format, and here for your kind information, I mention that the Gif files are cannot be set as WhatsApp group icons.

It is generally the combination of various kinds of images and formats such as – jpg, png, etc.

But you can send the Gif files to someones and others. And there are some new updates on WhatsApp and after these updates, the WhatsApp group icon may be changing.


This article is all about How to Change the WhatsApp Group Icon, and besides that here I also mention some other important topics about this.

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