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How to change margins in Libreoffice?

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Welcome to this article, here we will discuss the LibreOffice margins such as how to set margins in LibreOffice, how to change default margins in LibreOffice writer, and some other factors, so please read the full article.

The changing of margin is actually a very simple process in the writer.

Libreoffice writer margins

To change the margin we have to first go into the format menu and then select a page from there a dialogue box will appear in front of you.

And inside that dialogue box 8 tabs are present there, just select the page tab from there and now we can set the page margins from there.

There are a few sections present in this and we will definitely discuss these sections.

Paper format :

From this section, we can select the paper format of our document, by default it actually clicks into the letter option.

Width :

This section mainly uses to set the width of our document, by default it is 8.50’’ inches.

Height :

From here we can select the height of our document, by default the height sets to 11.00’’.

Orientation :

From this section we can choose page orientation, there are normally two kinds of page orientation, portrait, and landscape. And by default, it clicks into the portrait option.

Margins tab :

From this section, we can set the margins of our document. There are mainly four types of margins left, right, top and bottom and by default, all the margins are sets into 0.79 inches.

But in the latest or current version of LibreOffice 7.1, the margins are set to 2 inches by default.

We can select the margins in LibreOffice in two ways. One is by using the dropdown option that is provided in the margins tab.

And another method is to click in there and type the value. Or otherwise, you can also copy the values and paste them into another place.

What is the margin in the writer’s document?

In LibreOffice writer document margins are normally use to set the page margins. We can change this margin from the format menu. There are normally four types of page margins in the writer’s document – left, right, top and bottom, and we can change all these document margins.

How do I set margins in Libreoffice?

We can set the margins in two methods. But before that we have to open the format menu > page style > page tab option.

Now we can change the margins in two methods, one is by using the dropdown menus, and another option is by click in the text area and type the text according to your wish.

What is the default margin in the Libreoffice writer document

The default margins are different in different formats of LibreOffice. In the older version, the margins are set to 0.75 inches. And in the latest version of LibreOffice 7.1, the margins are by default fixed into 2 inches.

Conclusion :

This article is all about the LibreOffice margins, in fact, in this article we mention how to set margins in LibreOffice, I hope you like this article.

And if you have any kind of query then please ask me at And please follow our website for this kind of information articles, here we provide all the technology guide that is useful for the users.

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