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How to Become a Web Developer Without a Degree?

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Web development is one of the most flourishing fields in recent times. Generally, web development is the process in which websites are built or created. In this article, I mention a full guide on How to Become a Web Developer without a Degree? so please read this article for more information.

The persons who make the websites as per directions are known as web developers.

The web developer is mostly looking at the front portion of a website, and in very few cases, they also work at the back portion of the server portions of the website.

And a web developer’s job is to make a website much more attractive and add new functions website. Peoples are always curious about what qualifications are needed to become a web developer or whether you can become a web developer without a degree.

Well, you can become a web developer without a degree, and no such qualifications are required to become a good web developer.

If you are fancy becoming a web developer, then you have to buy some books and follow the internet, such as YouTube videos or read some articles on Google.

For more details, please read the full article here I will provide a complete roadmap about how to become a web developer without a degree.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Self-Taught Web Developer?

Well, how much time does it take to become a web developer without a degree or by teaching yourself it entirely depends on you, but if I speak about approximate time, then you have to devote time to almost 6 months to 7 months.

To become a self-taught web developer, you have to acquire things from the basics, and therefore you have to take help from the internet.

Just started with basic HTML and then study CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and some JavaScript frameworks one by one.

It will take some time, and after a period of 6 to 7 months, you will acquire all the skills that a web developer has.

And then, you can start your web development career and search for jobs anywhere.

What Skills Are Required to Become a Web Developer Without a Degree

well, if you want to become a web developer very quickly, then you have to acquire the skills very quickly?

To become a good web developer, you have to learn some skills, such as you have to learn markup languages like HTML, to create websites.

You have to learn CSS for the designing purpose of your website, and you have to learn the JavaScript programming language, which works for the front portion of your website as well as for the server portion of your website.

And besides these skills, you have to learn other skills as well, such as responsive designing skills, debugging skills, etc.

Finally, the most prominent skill you have to learn is SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, through which websites rank well on search engines.

How to Become a Web Developer without A Degree (Complete Roadmap)?

To become a web developer without a degree or any guidance, you have to discover all the things step by step.

And here, I introduced a roadmap. If you follow the roadmap, you can surely become a web developer within 6 months or 7 months.


The first skill that you have to learn as a web developer is the markup language or HTML; it is generally fundamental or the basics of web development

It is used to make the structure of any website; therefore, it is very important to learn HTML first before starting your Web Development career.

For the first six months of your web development career, I suggest you learn HTML basics completely within the first 10 days.

Here Just learn the basic things of HTML; you can visit any kind of website for help -such as W3Schools, Java point, Tutorialspoint, Web suggestion, etc, and learn the basics.

After learning HTML basics then, go to advanced tags and practice all the tags one by one.


After the completion of HTML then, move your focus on and Start the CSS.

CSS is a cascading style sheet that gives a decent design to your website.

Therefore it is a must for a web developer to learn CSS.

Now for the one month of learning CSS, there are mainly three kinds of CSS inline CSS, Internal CSS, and External CSS.

Now learn about how to apply the CSS and other properties of CSS such as CSS borders, CSS layouts, CSS selectors, as well as some CSS frameworks.


Now within 2 months, you have learned HTML and CSS properly, and in the next month, you have to learn JavaScript.

It is a very big topic, and it is a kind of programming language; therefore, it will take some time to study.

And I would advise you to first acquire the basics of programming and then acquire all the concepts of JavaScript, such as variables, data types, keywords and arrays, and other things.

It will take about two months to acquire JavaScript accurately, and once you have learned this thing, it has become more comfortable for you to learn all the other elements.


Within four months, you have already learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which will cover 70% syllabus of web development.

And now, you have to learn the final elements, which are the learnings of some frameworks.

There are numerous kinds of frameworks available, and for web development, you just have to learn 2 or 3 frameworks.

Here I suggested some of the famous frameworks; you can take any of these frameworks and learn, which will boost your skills and make your work easier as a web developer.

some common frameworks are- Django, Angular, AngularJS, Flask, Jquery, Bootstrap, etc.

This framework takes almost needs 2 months to learn, and within six months, you have learned all the web development skills.

And still, you have one month left in your hand; I would suggest you complete some project about web development within this one month, which will enhance your skill set in web development.

Can you Get Hired as a Web Developer Without a Degree?

You can be hired as a web developer without a degree.

But if you want to apply to any company, then the company wants some qualifications you have done about web development or otherwise it wants some experience from you.

If you have any kind of experience, then you can be hired as a web developer for any company.

If you don’t have any experience, you can work as a freelancer on any freelancing platform such as Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, etc.

How to Get a Web Developer Job Without a Degree?

If you want a web developer job without a degree, then visit any freelancing platform and create a good portfolio.

And there, you have to search for web development jobs in the search box.

And then, select the jobs and bid for them, and propose the job to the job provider.

Once the job provider sees your proposal about that job then, the job provider will email you.

How to Become a Freelancer Web Developer Without a Degree?

After gaining web development skills, you can become a freelancing web developer on any freelancing platform.

Some popular freelancing platforms are available, such as Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, etc.

You can make your portfolio into any of these freelancing platforms and bid for jobs I should suggest you bid on jobs with a very low amount.

First of all, by gaining the job provider’s attention and building a good portfolio, you can earn lots of money from here.

You can also show so the projects that you have done in web development which will help you to get the job easily and get the attention of the job provider. 


In this article, I have discussed how to become a web developer without a degree.

I hope you have liked this article, and you if you have any kind of query, then you can ask me in the comment section.

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