how to add watermark to word

How to Add Watermark to word?

Welcome to this article here we mention how to add watermark to the word as well as in LibreOffice writer and in videos.

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Watermarks are mainly use to set any text or picture on the backside of your text or videos.

If you are a student and you are studying in any institute then sometimes you see that the institute provides us some notes and on the backside of that notes there is a little name in the diagonal form, the institute writes that name just because any other person or institute cannot copy that notes.

This is call watermark.

Sometimes we also used some software that is free, for example, some YouTubers use the Kinemaster editor to edit their videos.

So whenever they edit their videos the application name already exists on that videos.

How to add watermark to word

Here we will discuss that how we add watermark to word.

For doing that we add watermark to word.

For doing this we have to first write some paragraphs .

Then goes to Design menu>select watermark that is provided towards the right-hand side.

From there you can choose various options like confidential

1 ,coonfidential

2 Do Not copy etc.

Custom watermark

how to add watermark to word
how to add watermark to word

After clicking on this option you will find a dialogue box and thereby default confidential is written instead of that you can write any text according to your wish and apply.

From here you can also choose watermark color, background, font type, text, etc.

You can also get picture for watermark.

For doing that click on watermark>custom watermark>picture watermark>select picture from desktop>select auto>apply>images are inserted to all the pages.

Remove watermark

It is a very simple process. Just go to the watermark option>click on the remove watermark option.

Add watermark to libreoffice writer

How to add a watermark to LibreOffice writer?

In libreoffice writer we can use watermark option through format menu.

Format menu >watermark>in the dialogue box gives the text, give font, set angle, give color>ok.

Text: Here we have to declare the text on which we need watermark.

Font: It selects the font style of watermark.

Angle: From here you can select the angle of your watermark, the default is 45 degrees.

Color: From here we can select color for our watermark.

what is a watermark on youtube?

In videos watermark is a kind of logo that no one can steal our videos .

As I mentioned earlier if you are a YouTuber and you edit your videos with the help of some free software like Kinemaster then it brings a made with Kinemaster logo when you publish your videos.

If you want to erase these types of things then you must have to go for premium versions.

Digital watermark

A digital watermark is a kind of marker embed in new videos or audios. It is generally use to identify the copyright content.

The digital watermark is use to check the content’s authenticity. It is also prominently use to check the copyright.

Traditional watermarks maybe apply to media like images or videos whereas a digital watermark is used for audio, pictures, videos, etc.

How to remove the watermark of any video?

Download remove and add watermark app from play store > select a video>remove watermark option>select any video room your device>you will find a rectangle box>you have to place that box into watermark area >click on the save option.


Here in this article, I mention how to add a watermark in word, and besides that, I have also mentioned how to add a watermark in LibreOffice and how to add a watermark on videos.

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