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How to Add Fonts to LibreOffice step-by-step Guide?

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In this article, I describe a step-by-step guide about How to Add Fonts to LibreOffice? So read this entire article for complete information.

We know that there are several Microsoft Office alternatives are there and LibreOffice is one of those alternatives. 

There are almost every feature is available within LibreOffice. 

And in each word processing packages, Fonts are very essential things and it displays our texts more attractively. 

Although there are numerous kinds of Fonts are available in LibreOffice which you can use.

But besides that, you can also add additional Fonts to LibreOffice and you can also use those fonts.

To do that you have to follow some steps and here I mention those steps –

Step 1:

As I mention, there are numerous Fonts provided in LibreOffice which you can use but if you want to add new font then go online –, in this website.

Step 2:

Now download any kind of Fonts from this website as per your requirements, and a Zip file will be downloaded to your device.

How to Add Fonts to LibreOffice

How to Add Fonts to LibreOffice

Step 3:

Now extract our Zip file and after that, you will get a .otf file and in some cases, it will .ttf, now just double click on that file.

How to Add Fonts to LibreOffice

Now here finally hit the install button and the Fonts will be installed to our system.

How to Add Fonts to LibreOffice

Step 4:

Now visit the LibreOffice writer and in the Font section click on the search font section and search the Font by its name.

How to Add Fonts to LibreOffice

Now selects some texts and apply the Fonts within the texts.

How do I Add Fonts to LibreOffice Ubuntu?

We know that Microsoft Office Package is the usual widespread Office Suite package.

But due to its purchase cost, some users don’t use this Office Package suite. 

And instead of this office suite package, they are using some kind of open office suites such as LibreOffice or WPS office.

Well, I use LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Office, and like MS Office it has all the features that exist within it. 

LibreOffice is supported to every operating system and we can also use this office suite package within Ubuntu.

Here we will be discussing how to add new font within LibreOffice Ubuntu ? and here I reveal some of the steps just follow the steps.

Step 1:

In the first step install LibreOffice within your device and then open the LibreOffice writer.

Step 2:

Now search for the fonts on the Internet fonts you are looking for.

There are several websites from which you can search the fonts and download the fonts.

And here I suggest one of those websites-  just visit this website and download the font, the fonts will be downloaded into the zip file.

Step 3:

Now extract the zip file within your Ubuntu operating system and then open the LibreOffice writer again.

Step 4:

After opening the LibreOffice writer at the formatting toolbar you will notice a fonts section and by default, there is a font is selected.

There you have to search about the fonts you have downloaded and then you can easily use that font within your text.

In this method, you can simply download any kind of fonts from the internet and use them within your LibreOffice writer or LibreOffice office suite.

LibreOffice Fonts Lists

Well, there are diverse fonts are available within Libreoffice.

You can use any of these fonts according to your choice and your requirements.

Here I suggest the top 20 font names that you can use and these fonts are really attractive.

  • Liberation Serif
  • Arial Black
  • Lucida Bright
  • Lucida Sans
  • Sans Unicode
  • Algerian
  • Baskerville Old Face
  • Bell MT
  • Britannic Bold
  • Microsoft sans serif
  • Nirmala Ui
  • Noto Mono
  • Rubik
  • Rockwell Condensed
  • Sitka Text
  • Source Sans Pro
  • Tahoma
  • Source code pro medium
  • Sylfean

How to Install Microsoft Fonts in LibreOffice?

Well, there are generally two techniques to do that. Both the process is very easy.

Method 1

By default there are various Fonts are exist within the LibreOffice Office Suites. Just open any of the LibreOffice software such as writer, calc, and click on the formatting toolbar.

Now click on the fonts section and here search for Microsoft, numbers of fonts will appear in front of you.

Here I mention some of those fonts names – 

  • Microsoft Himalaya
  • JhengHei
  • JhengHei Light
  • Microsoft Yahei 

These are some of the Microsoft Fonts available within LibreOffice. Besides there are some additional fonts are also exist which you can check and use.

Method 2

In the previous method, you can check the Microsoft Office fonts that are available within LibreOffice. 

But if you want more Microsoft office fonts then, you have to follow this second method. 

Here I mention the steps and by applying these steps you can easily use the Microsoft Office Fonts within LibreOffice.

Step 1:

First, open the Microsoft Office word and then visit the font section of that office suite. 

And now selects a font and remember the font name.

Step 2:

Now visit this website and search for the font name and download the font into the form of a Zip file.

Step 3: 

After compressing the zip file then open the LibreOffice writer and on the formatting toolbar you will found the font section.

Now in the font section search the font by its name and then apply that font within your texts.


This article is all about how to add fonts in LibreOffice and here I explain a step-by-step guide about how you should use various kinds of fonts within LibreOffice. I hope you have liked this article. 

And if you have any kind of doubt then you can ask me in the comment section.

And please follow our website by clicking on the notification icon for this kind of helpful and informational article.

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