How much RAM is needed for Streaming? (Guide for Streamers)

Many Streamers on the internet search out a common question: how much ram do they need for Streaming?

This question is asked by many streamers & after completing the research, I am writing this article to provide you with the best answer to your question.

So, How much RAM is needed for Streaming?

Most expert streamers recommend that the 16 GB of RAM is the most suitable choice for the streamers to stream at 720p or in 1080p. Moreover, the 16GB of RAM space allows streamers to stream without lags on Video and sound quality.

Also, remember that the more RAM you will have, the better performance you will get during Streaming.

After knowing the answer, you might wonder why you need much RAM for Streaming and how RAM impacts streaming performance?

All of your questions are discussed in the below section, so keep reading this article to the end.

Why Much is RAM required for Streaming?

Before jumping into the main portion, remember that RAM is just not enough memory for you to run all necessary applications simultaneously correctly; moreover, it needs to produce a good quality stream.

Let’s explores the reasons behind Why much RAM is needed for Streaming-

Background Applications

As a streamer, when you are constantly streaming demanding games & applications, several types of apps, drivers, and programs run in the background.

More RAM helps the streamers get better performance with all those programs, drivers, and different applications in the background.


More RAM also helps the streamers to get better frame rates per second & it stabilizes your FPS during live Streaming.

Generally, the term FPS stands for framerates per second & it is the frequency at which consecutive images are captured or displayed. The frame rate also may be called Frame Frequency.

If you are streaming lower specs games, then the lower FPS is efficient.

But if you are streaming broader games like (GTA 5 PUBg), then you need a faster RAM for better FPS and to stabilize that FPS.

So, the more RAM provides streamers better Frame Rates & significantly, it also enhances the streaming performance. 

Fast Process

Many streamers use several heavy files for streaming purposes & in this case, the RAM size plays a significant role.

For Streaming, the RAM speed determines how fast it will process the files & sometimes the RAM speed indicates the frequency of the RAM.

These are the three primary reasons you need a lot of RAM for your streaming purpose.

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Is 16GB RAM suitable for Streaming?

Yes! the 16GB RAM is the most recommended RAM requirement for the streamers & it allows streamers to run heavy streaming applications, softwares, and live stream broad games.

Is 8GB RAM suitable for Streaming?

The 8GB RAM is the minimum requirement for the streamers & within 8GB RAM, a streamer can do live Streaming.

But remember that when you stream border games on 8GB RAM, you will get some quality issues, some FPS drops, and some lags; therefore, 16GB is mainly recommended.

Is 32GB RAM good for Streaming?

32GB RAM is too much for the Streaming set up usually for professional Streaming; 16 GB RAM is mainly recommended.

However, if your device has 32GB of RAM space, it is not harmful to your Streaming. With 32 GB of RAM space, you will get an excellent FPS for Streaming.

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Is 4GB RAM good for Streaming?

No! the 4GB of RAM space is not enough for Streaming; if you stream some heavy, demanding games on 4GB of RAM, then your device might not be able to handle the strain.

If you stream on 4GB RAM, you will get various lags & poor streaming quality.

Is 12GB RAM good for Streaming?

Although the 16GB RAM is mainly recommended for the streamers, if your device has 12GB of RAM, it might also be suitable for you.

If you stream on your 12GB of RAM with a proper combination of hardware, then it might be beneficial for you. 

Is 64GB RAM good for Streaming?

No! the 64GB is considered too much & overkill for Streaming; in most cases, 16GB of RAM is sufficient for Streaming.

In most cases, the 64 GB for Streaming is overkilling unless you do extremely demanding resolutions.

Is 24GB RAM good for Streaming?

In most cases, 16GB RAM is considered sufficient for Streaming, but if your device has 24GB of RAM space, it will provide you with better FPS during live Streaming.

Moreover, the 24 GB RAM is also a future solution for the streamers.

Final Thought

This article is intended for those streamers who want to know How much RAM is needed for Streaming? and after discussing all the facts, it can be said that 16GB is the most suitable & perfect choice for the streamers.

I hope this article is helpful for you & if you want to know more about RAM, Streaming, computers, and other technology-related things, then keep following this blog regularly.

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