how to do html in notepad

Guide about how to do Html in notepad?

Welcome to this article, here we will discuss how to do Html in notepad by using notepad.

Here we provide step by step guide that will help a beginner to code in notepad .

But before that, we have to understand the notepad interface properly.

Open notepad text editor :

To do the Html code in notepad we have to first open our notepad text editor.

By default this editor is already provides to our windows operating system .

There are various ways in which we can open our notepad text editor.

Here I mention three different ways in which we can open our notepad text editor.

First method:

In our first method, we can open the notepad by open our search box and type notepad on that search box.

Second method:

we can open the notepad in other ways also, by opening our windows dialogue box.

Just press the shortcut key ctrl+r key and that will open a run dialogue box and type notepad on that box.

Third method:

Besides these two methods, there is one more method in which we can open our notepad.

That is by clicking on the start button and accessories tab and notepad option.

In these three option, you can open your notepad into any of these methods.

All the methods are very easy to open.

Notepad interface introduction :

After the opening of the notepad, we have to understand the interface of the notepad.

Although it is very easier till there are five tabs which we will understand one by one.

The five tabs are- file,edit,format,view and help.

File tab :

under the file tab, there are lots of options are provided and it is the most useable tabs in Html.


From here we can create any Html new document and ctrl+n is the shortcut to create any new document.

New window:

Secondly here we can open our document or code into a new window also to do that ctrl+shift+n is the shortcut.

Open and save:

Thirdly we can save the document and open the document, ctrl+o is the shortcut to open that document .

And ctrl+s is the shortcut use for saving any document.

Save as:

The save as feature is also provides here because and through this feature we can give another name of our document .

And ctrl+shift+s is the shortcut used.

Page setup:

There is another option under the file tab that is the page setup option and through this option, we can choose paper size, choose orientation into portrait or landscape.

We can define margins at the top, bottom left, or right. We can add a header or footer also.


The print option is also given here and we can print our document or Html code by clicking into this option and ctrl+p is the shortcut used.


If we click into this option then we can easily exit our document or notepad.

Edit tab:

This tab is also useful while we are using the notepad. Under these tabs, some major options are given such as


This option is used to back into previous steps. And ctrl+z is the shortcut used for this.

Cut,copy,paste and delete:

These are the major options provided by any software we can use these features in the notepad also by pressing the shortcuts.

To cut the text press ctrl+x, to copy the text press ctrl+c, to paste that text press ctrl+v, and delete the text press del key from the keyboard.

Find and replace:

These two features are very important, suppose you have created any document or any Html code and you want to find that particular code then you can easily take the help of these features and find the text and replace that with other texts.

To find the text ctrl+f is used, to find the review at f3 is used and to find previous shift +f3 is used.

And if you want to replace the text then for that ctrl+h is used.

Time and date:

If you want to display the time and date then you can easily do that by pressing the f5 key from your keyboard.

Format tab :

Under the Format tab, two options are provided that is word wrap and another is font.

And from the font option, we can define font name and font size, and font style also.

View tab :

View tab also displayed us two important feature one is for the status bar.

If you want to show your status bar under the bottom of your notepad then leave this option .

And if you don’t want to show the status bar then click on this option.

Another feature is given under this tab that the zoom feature and if you want to zoom your text editor then press ctrl +.

If you want to zoom out your editor then press ctrl -.


Through this option, you can provide feedback or gain some knowledge about the notepad.

how to do html in notepad

How to do Html in notepad?

Well i already mention about the basic notepad interface introduction.

Now in this section, we provide a step-by-step guide about how to do Html in notepad.

Step 1:

In this step first, open your notepad and I already mention all the steps about how you will open your notepad.

Step 2:

Once you have to open your notepad then click on the new option which will open a new document on the notepad.

Step 3:

Now in this step just save your document and give it a particular name and save that document by providing the .html extension .

You can also give the .htm extension also.

Step 4:

After saving our document now open your Html file code and run that into a particular browser .

Well there are many types of browsers are available but google chrome is the best among those browsers.

Now in this section, we will discuss the important questions related to the matter of how to do Html in notepad.

Can you edit HTML in notepad?

Html is one of the best editors for editing our Html code because its interface is very simple and best for a beginner.

Generally here editing code actually means that if by mistake we have done something wrong with our Html code then whether it is possible to change or edit that code or not.

Well, it is possible because in notepad a tab is provided that the edit tab, and with the help of this tab we can do any editing.

How to save the file in notepad :

Saving a document is a very easy method .

If you want to save any text file as an Html document then please open your text editor and then prepare your text file document.

And then click on the save or save as option it will take you to your desktop place.

Now choose your location and give it a proper name and give .html or .htm extension.

It will automatically be saved as an Html document, now you can open that into your web browser.

how to create a website using html, on notepad:

How to create a website using Html, on a notepad :

Creating a website using Html code is possible but you can not create any responsive website using Html but till you can create a static website by using the Html code in notepad.

To create a static website just open your notepad and type the Html codes and run them on the browser .

And it will automatically run our code and create the website.

How to put notepad on desktop windows 10 :

If you want to display your notepad on the desktop then just open your notepad by choosing any of these options and right-click on that and choose to pin it to the taskbar option.

Next time when you open your desktop you will observe that the notepad is pinned to the taskbar.


In this article, we discussed how to do Html in notepad, and to read this kind of informational article please follow our website.

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