Dreamweaver vs sublime

Dreamweaver vs sublime which editor is best?

Welcome to this article, here we will discuss the DreamWeaver vs sublime text editor and which one is best out of these editors.

Here we will compare both the editors in separate conditions and provide an opinion that which editor is best for whom.

So lets starts the article and please read the full article.

Difference between Dreamweaver vs sublime :

Multiple cursors
This feature is available in the sublime text editor

This feature is not availablein the dreamweaver text editor
ShortscurtsThere are multiple shortcurts are in this code editor which we can use
These shortcurts are not available in this text editor
Search option
This is another good feature available here, that is we can search about anything and we will got the results about the other code suggestions
There are not too many shortcurts are available in this editor
In sublime text editor you can watch the code preview in the browser

This editor is very much useful to watch the live preview
In this editor the brackets and the braces are suggested by the browser itself therefore it is very easy for us to do code

In this editor some problems occures because the codes are not suggested by the browser itself
Here in this editor we can add the bookmark feature

But the bookmark feature is not actually provided in this editor
We can configure the sublime text editor easily

The configuration process of this editor is very difficult
Memory consumption
If you obserb carefully and install both the editors then you will notice that sublime editor consume less memory then dreamweaver

On the other hand this editor consume much more memory then the sublime
The codes are load very fastly in this editor

The codes are load fast but not faster then the sublime text editor
It is less costly then dreamweaver

It is much costly then sublime


Do professional Web designers use Dreamweaver? :

Well, that is not correct thinking that all the web designers are used this editor. Yes, we can say that it is a kind of modern text editor and there are multiple users who can use these editors.

What can I use instead of Dreamweaver? :

There are multiple editors are available which we can use instead of this editor, here I will mention some of the editor’s list which we can use.

  • Sublime
  • Notepad
  • Notepad++
  • Vs code
  • Atom

Out of these editors, you can use any one editor according to your wish. And all the editors are good at code.


This article is all about the DreamWeaver vs sublime, I hope you will like this article. And if anyone has any query then please comment on our website.

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