Does Windows 11 Support 6th Generation?(Explained for Users)

If you are an Intel processor user, then you might be wondering whether your processor supports the Windows 11 operating system or not.

Many intel users are seeking the query of whether the Intel 6th generation processor supports Windows 11 or not, I have done some research about this, and here I will provide you the answer to your query.

So, Does Windows 11 Support 6th Generation?

Yes! Microsoft releases a list of the Intel processors names which will support Windows 11. But, initially, it was disclosed that Windows 11 would support later than 7th generation processors. Later, the news was confirmed that Windows 11 could be installed on modern processors, including the Intel 6th generation processors. But you have to do that separately by downloading the Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft’s official website.

But, remember one thing that Windows 11 will not be supportable for those PC systems which does not have the TPM 2.0 chip and UEFI BIOS.

In concise, if your 6th generation system matches the following requirements of all the Windows 11, you can install the Windows 11 operating system by downloading the ISO file from Microsoft’s official website.

Does Intel i3 6th Generation Processor Support Windows 11?

Initially, it was revealed that Windows 11 would not be supportable for the 5th generation, 6th generation, and 7th generation CPUs.

But after some research, I know that Intel i3 6th generation processors support Windows 11, but you have to install the Windows 11 by downloading its ISO file.

But before downloading the ISO file, one thing you should have is to figure out that your PC should match all the minimum requirements of Windows 11, including the TPM 2.0 chip and the UEFI BIOS.

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In ConClusion:

Finally, it can be said that Windows 11 will be supportable for the Intel 6th generation processor by downloading the ISO file.

I hope this article is helpful for you, and if you want to know more about Windows 11, computers, processors, and technologies, then keep following this website regularly.

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