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Does Windows 11 have Widgets? (Everything Explained)

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Windows 11 comes with several advanced features, but there is a general question among the users: Does Windows 11 have Widgets or not?

So, Does Windows 11 have Widgets?

Yes! the Windows 11 operating system comes up with the new Widgets panel, and it contains different types of information. However, the Widgets panel in Windows 11 has two sections, the top section and the bottom section. In the top section, you will get information about weather, news, sports, traffic, while the bottom section is all about different online news websites.

The Widgets panel in Windows 11 is separate from the Windows 10 Widgets, and in the below section, I have explained all the essential information about Windows 11 Widgets.

How to Use Windows 11 Widgets?

Using the Widgets in Windows 11 is very easy as Widgets exist in the taskbar of the Windows 11 operating system.

To use the Windows 11 Widgets, simply click on the Widgets icon in the taskbar, and it is like a rectangular.

Does Windows 11 have Widgets
Widgets Panel

After clicking on that icon, Widgets will appear on your screen on the left-hand side, and from here, you can customize your Widgets bar according to your requirements.

Initially, you will get the weather widget, Sharemarket Widget, Calculator Widget, and To-Do Widget, but you can remove these widgets and add new widgets according to your convenience.

However, from here, you can access the bing powered web search bar and several Microsoft Widgets. For example, the To-Do Widget is powered by Microsoft’s To-Do, and Outlook backs the Calendar Widget.

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How to Add Widgets in Windows 11? (Step By Step)

By default, the Windows 11 Widgets display the weather forecasts, stock information, sports; however, if you want to add a widget, follow the mentioned steps.

Step 1:

In the first step, open the widgets panel by clicking on the taskbar icon.

Step 2:

Here, you will get the add widgets button; just click on that button.

Step 3:

Now, find those Widgets which you wanted to add the finally click on the add button.

By following these steps, you can add any Widgets that you want to add.

How to Customize Windows 11 Widgets?

If you want to customize any Widget in Windows 11 as per your requirements, then you can customize it according to your needs.

For example, you can change the location of the weather widget, the sports widget lets you add teams to follow, and the watchlists allow you to pin the stock listening.

To customize the widgets in Windows 11, follow the steps-

Step 1:

In the first step, you have to clock on the three-dotted icon that appears in the top right corner.

Step 2:

Then go to the particular widget option and select the customize widget option from there.

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Why are Widgets not working in Windows 11?

If you are facing some issues with the Windows 11 Widgets in your system, then don’t worry, here I will explain to you some steps through which you can fix the Windows 11 widgets.

Method 1: Turn On the Widgets option

This is the very first step that you have to checkout. Just right-click on the taskbar, and that will open the windows personalization settings.

Here, you will get the Widgets icon, and you have to toggle it on, and if it is on by default, then of it once and again on it.

If this step is working for you, it is ok; otherwise, follow the 2nd method.

Method 2: Microsoft Account

Instead of running Windows 11 as a local account, log in with your Microsoft account. Yes, the Windows 11 widgets are attached to the Microsoft account, and they are getting some data from your account.

Method 3: Task Manager

Just press the ctrl+shift+esc key from your keyboard, and it will open the task manager. Now, you have to right-click there and click on the restart.

Method 4: Restart 

Go to the task manager, search their widgets, right-click on the Widget’s icon, and click on the end tasks option.

After that, restart your pc system.

After applying all of these methods, it might work for your pc systems.

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How to Remove Widgets from Windows 11?

The widgets feature in Windows 11 is helpful, but for some users, it is a very irritating ad. You can disable the Widgets from Windows 11 permanently, and here are the steps you have to follow.

Step 1:

In the first step, open the command prompt by typing the CMD in the search box.

Step 2:

Now, right-click on the cmd and click on the run as administrator option.

Step 3:

Now, in the command type, the following command “Winget uninstall “windows web experience pack” and then press the enter button.

After that, the Windows 11 widgets were wholly uninstalled from your system, and you couldn’t use the Widgets anymore.

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Best Windows 11 Widgets

Several widgets were integrated within the Windows 11 operating system, and I have mentioned some of the best Windows 11 Widgets.

Does Windows 11 have Widgets
Windows 11 Widgets


The Calendar events are exceptional within Widgets, and it is a handy Widget whether you want to schedule future appointments, upcoming events, or plan your day.


It is another valuable match for match lovers, and here you can predict which team will win the game. Here, these widgets make it easy for the fans, spectators, and newbies to see all the recent matches.

Tips: Get helpful Computer Device

If you are curious about your computers and this Widget is very much useful for you. This Widget provides straightforward advice about all the things and Microsoft Edge.

To Do

This is another useful widget for you. Here, you can easily create a list of tasks. However, the To-Do lists help keep you on point throughout the day- like having your account.


The weather widget is another excellent widget, and the weather widget shares real-time weather conditions in your local area and the forecasts.

These are some of the popular widgets of the Windows 11 operating system which you can use for your convenience.

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How to Add Clock Widget in Windows 11?

The clock widget in Windows 11 is very crucial and effective for the users, and you can download the Clock Widget in your Windows 11 OS and install that Widget in your system simply download the rain meter.

In the below section, I have explained all the steps to do these things-

Step 1:

To install the Windows 11 clock widget, you will need an application called rain meter, which you can download from this link- And after the completion of the downloading process, click on the install it option.

Step 2:

Now, in the 2nd step, go to this website called, here; you will get a different clock widget, and you can download any one of these clock widgets.

After the completion of the downloading process next, install the application within your pc systems.

And by downloading these two files, you can use the clock widget in your windows 11 pc system.

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Disable Widgets in Windows 11

Windows 11 provides the widgets option in the taskbar settings, but you can disable the Widgets from your taskbar settings, and to do that, just follow the methods.

Method 1: Use the Taskbar

Just right-click on the taskbar and select taskbar settings, and then off the Widgets option from here.

Method 2: Windows Settings

You can do the same changes through the Windows settings, and to do so, click the Windows button- click on settings- Click on Personalizations- Click the Taskbar Option- Here torn off the Widgets.

Method 3: Use the Taskbar Context Menu

Just click on the taskbar and right-click on the Widget’s icon, and then select unpin from the taskbar.

These are some of the methods by which you can disable the Widgets in your Windows 11 operating system.

Calendar Widget is not working in Windows 11

Sometimes the Calender Widget or any other particular widget does not work in the windows 11 operating system, and it may happen when your Widgets toggle button gets off. However, you can fix that issue, and to do that, follow the mentioned steps.

Go to the Settings option- Personalization- Taskbar option- Now turn on the Widget toggle button.

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Windows 11 Widgets Shortcut

The Widgets in Windows 11 are available in the taskbar, but you can still use the widgets by pressing the Windows key + W key from the keyboard.

In ConClusion:

In this article, I have explained all the essential information about the Windows 11 widgets. I hope this article is helpful for you. If you want to know more about Windows 11 and other technical stuff, keep following this website regularly.

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