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Does Windows 11 have Live Wallpaper? (Everything explained)

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Microsoft integrates several advanced features on Windows 11, but many people speculate that Windows 11 does not have the Live Wallpaper feature.

I have already installed Windows 11 on my pc, and I will explain your confusion about the Live Wallpaper.

So, Does Windows 11 have Live Wallpaper?

No! Windows 11 does not have the Live Wallpaper feature, but you can use this feature by downloading the Lively wallpaper app from the Microsoft store. 

After getting the answer, you might be wondering how to add live wallpaper on Windows 11? In the below section, I have explained the steps to do so.

How to Add Live Wallpaper to Windows 11?

Let’s check out the steps to add the Live Wallpaper on your Windows 11 operating system-

Step 1:

Firstly, open the Microsoft Store on your Windows 11 by typing the Microsoft store on the search bar, and the search bar usually appears on your home screen within the taskbar.

Step 2:

After opening the Microsoft store, click on the search bar of windows 11 & search about the Lively Wallpaper app; click on that app.

Step 3: 

After clicking the application, you will get some information about the application, and then you will get the “Get” option; just click on that option.

Step 4:

After installing the app, then search the application from the search bar of the Windows 11 search bar.

Step 5:

This app comes with several live wallpapers, and you can select a live wallpaper from its library & you can change it according to your choice.

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Final Thought

You can install the Live Wallpaper from the Microsoft store by following all the steps.

I hope this article is helpful for you, and if you want to know more about Windows 11 & the latest technology-related things, keep following this blog regularly.

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