Does Windows 11 Comes with Microsoft Office? (Answered for You)

Windows 11 comes with several advanced functions & features, but there is a common question, has this Windows 11 come with the Microsoft Office package?

If you are seeking the same query, you are at the correct place, I have already installed Windows 11, and here I will answer your question.

So, Does Windows 11 Comes with Microsoft Office?

The Windows 11 operating system doesn’t come with the Microsoft Office Package. However, suppose you already have the Microsoft Office package in your Windows 10 operating system & you are upgrading to Windows 11. In that case, you can use the same Office package for your Windows 11 operating system. 

After getting your answer, you might wonder what will happen if you buy a new computer with Windows 11 operating system supports.

Well, if you buy a new computer with Windows 11 support, in that case, if Microsoft Office is attached to your computer, then you have to spend more money than the actual worth of the computer.

However, as a Windows 11 user, you can buy the subscription to the Microsoft Office package, and then you can use that in your computer systems.

The Microsoft Office package usually comes within two subscription programs; you can buy the Microsoft 365 Family Package (A little expensive, but it can be served to 2 to 6 people). Another plan you can purchase is the Microsoft 365 Personal package(It is cheaper than the previous one, but it is dedicated to a particular user. )

Does Windows 11 Come with Microsoft Word?

No! the Windows 11 operating system does not come with Microsoft Word; in fact, Microsoft Office doesn’t come with several other Windows versions.

After getting the answer, you might be curious about many computers that come with the default Microsoft Word Support; when users buy computers, the shop owner charges more money & take more money from the customers.

In ConClusion:

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