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Does Ryzen 9 3900x have TPM?(Explained for the Ryzen 9 Users)

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The Ryzen 9 3900x is an excellent processor contains with the 12 CPU cores and it is unlocked for overclocking, but there is common question that does Ryzen 9 3900x model have TPM or not?

I have done a ton of research about this Ryzen 9 model and here I am going to answer your question.

So, Does Ryzen 9 3900x have TPM?

TPM is actually based on motherboard not based on CPU, but the suitable motherboard of the Ryzen 9 3900x model have the TPM 2.0 chip. Remember that most of the Ryzen CPUs comes after the 2016 period has contains the TPM 2.0 chip and this Ryzen 9 3900x model launched in 2019.

Does Ryzen 9 3900x have TPM 2.0?

There are 2 types of TPM versions are there one is TPM 1.2 version chip and another is TPM 2.0 version chip.

And within all the AMD Ryzen processors the TPM chip is termed as fTPM, so within Ryzen 9 3900x model the TPM will appeared as fTPM.

And this Ryzen 9 3900x model is extremely powerful and it comes with the TPM 2.0 chip, but it was not enabled by default and you have to enable this fTPM 2.0 from the BIOS settings.

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How to Enable TPM 2.0 in Ryzen 9 3900x?

If you have the Ryzen 9 3900x processor then you might be wondering how to enable the TPM 2.0 chip to install the Windows 11 operating system.

Just follow the step by step guide to install the TPM 2.0 chip within your computer processor.

Step 1:

In the first step firstly checkup that whether you motherboard contain the TPM or not.

To check that just type the Windows key+ R key from your keyboard and it will open the run dialogue box and there just type the tpm.msc and then press the enter key.

After that it will display you that whether your motherboard have the TPM 2.0 chip or not, in my case, I dont have.

You dont need to worry about if your motherboard not have the TPM 2.0 then your processor might have the fTPM 2.0 chip.

Step 2:

In the next step just restart your PC and when restart screen appears in front of you then press the keys to enter in the BIOS. (In my case Delete or F2 key will worked).

But if these keys ar not working for you then you can search this on internet that how to enter into BIOS settings of your computer.

Step 3:

After entering into the BIOS settings nextly click on the advanced tab which appears at the top middle position.

On the advanced tab click on the AMD fTPM configuration.

Step 4:

Now, under the TPM device selection you will get the 2 option, by default is was selected as the Discrete TPM but simply changed it to the Firmware TPM option.

Then you will see a notice pop up, just select the ok option simply from here.

Step 5:

Then visits to the exit tab and there click on the save changes and exit button and press the ok button.

By, following these steps you can enable the TPM 2.0 chip in your Ryzen 9 3900x CPU.

In Conclusion:

In this article i have explained that the Ryzen 9 3900x model comes with the TPM 2.0 chip, but by default it is disabled and you have to enabled this chip.

I hope this article is helpful for you and if you want to know more about TPM 2.0 chip, Ryzen and other technolgical things then keep following this blog regularly.

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