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Does Intel i9 have Integrated Graphics? (Answered Everything)

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There is no doubt that the Intel i9 processors are excellent choice for users because of their awesome specifications. But, before picking the Intel i9 CPU, many users ask a common question, does the Intel i9 have integrated graphics or not?

I have done some excellent research about the Intel i9 & integrated graphics, and here in this article, I will answer your query.

So, Does the Intel i9 have Integrated Graphics?

Yes! Most of the Intel i9 CPUs come with an integrated graphics card & these processors provide excellent performance for the nongamers. But if you are a gamer, you need a dedicated graphics card for gaming. Also, remember a few Intel i9 processors, like Intel i9 9900KF, which don’t come with integrated graphics.

After getting the short answer, you might wonder whether intel i9 integrated graphics are good or not. In the below section, I have explained the answer to your question.

Are Intel i9 Integrated Graphics Good?

Yes! the Intel i9 integrated graphics provides excellent performance for the users, and here I have explained why Intel i9 integrated graphics are good-

  • The Intel i9 integrated graphics dont heat up your computer too much during gaming.
  • Secondly, the integrated graphics within Intel i9 uses lower battery consumption.
  • Thirdly, the Intel i9 integrated graphics are cheaper than dedicated graphics cards.

Besides that, the integrated graphics within the Intel i9 processor is beneficial to perform everyday tasks.

But there is one bad thing about the Intel i9 processor’s integrated graphics for heavy gaming; these integrated graphics is not enough.

That doesn’t mean you cannot run games with Intel i9 integrated graphics; for mild gaming & everyday use, these graphics are perfect, but you will need dedicated graphics for heavy gaming.

Does the Intel i9 9900K have Integrated Graphics?

Yes! the Intel i9 9900K comes with integrated graphics & it is a 9th generation intel core processor that contains 8 CPU cores and provides 5 GHz of turbo boost frequency.

Does Intel i9 have Integrated Graphics
Intel i9 9900K

Because of its integrated graphics, the Intel i9 9900K is suited for demanding applications & also suited for 3D gaming.

Does Intel i9 9900KF have Integrated Graphics?

No! the 9th generation Intel i9 9900KF processor lacks integrated graphics; in simple words, the Intel i9 9900KF doesn’t come with integrated graphics.

Although the Intel i9 9900KF contains 8 CPU cores & 3.60 GHz of the base frequency, it is not a suitable choice for gamers; to make this processor ideal for gaming, you need to use dedicated graphics.

Does Intel i9 10850k have Integrated Graphics?

Yes! the Intel i9 10850k processor comes with an integrated graphics card. It is a 10th-generation intel processor that contains 10 CPU cores, and its base clock speed rate is 3.60 GHz.

If you want better gaming performance on this intel CPU, then you can overclock this CPU up to 5.20 GHz of base clock speed rate.

Does the Intel i9 10900 have Integrated Graphics?

Yes! the Intel i9 10900 has the Intel UHD graphics 630. It is a 10th-generation intel processor that comes with 10 CPU cores, and the base frequency of this intel processor is around 2.80 GHz.

Does Intel i9 have Integrated Graphics
Intel i9 10900

This intel CPU is unlocked for overclocking & you can overclock this CPU up to 5.20 GHz.

Final Thought

This article is intended to provide you with the answer to your question & based on all the examples; most Intel i9 processors come with integrated graphics. Still, for excellent gaming features, you must need dedicated graphics.

I hope this article is helpful for you. Keep following this blog regularly if you want to know more about Intel processors, integrated graphics, computers, and other technology-related things.

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