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Does Intel i9 Come with a Fan? (No, But Why?)

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The Intel i9 processors are very popular among users because of their specifications. However, regarding the Intel i9 processors, several types of questions appear in people’s minds, and one of the most common questions they ask that does intel i9 comes with a Fan or not.

I have been using the Intel i9 processors for a couple of years now, & after complete research, I am writing this article to provide you with the best possible answer to your question.

So, Does the Intel i9 Come with a Fan?

No! most of the intel i9 series CPUs don’t come with a fan or coolers because the i9 series CPUs are very high-end. If you are a gamer and want to overclock, then you need to use a dedicated CPU cooler for Intel i9 series CPUs. 

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A CPU fan is significant for performing heavy tasking because the computer generates too much heat during heavy tasking, and the CPU cooling fan is necessary to dissipate that heat. Besides that, the CPU fans reduce the chance of damaging your computer by pulling the hot air from your system.

You already get your answer about whether the Intel i9 has Fan or not, but remember, not all the CPUs come with fans and proper cooling solution & in the below section, I have explained which Intel i9 CPUs comes with fans. So, keep reading this article to the end.

Does the i9 9900k Come with a Cooler?

The Intel i9 9900k is one of the most popular CPUs and contains 8 CPU cores and 5 GHz of turbo boost frequency. But this intel 9 9900k doesn’t come with a cooler. If you are a gamer, then for the overclocking purpose, you must need a CPU cooler.

Many gamers recommend Hyper 212 Evo coolers, and you can check out the Hyper 212 Evo coolers on Amazon.

Does the Intel i9 10900k Come with a Fan?

The Intel i9 10900K is the 10th generation Intel Core i9 processor with 10 CPU cores and 5.3 GHz of turbo boost frequency, but this Intel i9 10900k doesn’t come with any fan or cooling solutions & to overclock this CPU; you need a better cooler.

It is a 10th-generation CPU and comes with an LGA1200 socket; therefore, it is compatible with several fan and cooling solutions.

Does the Intel i9 10850k Come with a Fan?

No! the Intel i9 10850k doesn’t come with an excellent cooling solution and fan; if you want to do overclocking on this CPU, you need a perfect cooling solution.

Final Thought

After watching all the examples on intel i9 processors, it is understandable that most Intel i9 CPUs don’t come with a fan & in most cases, you need to pick a dedicated cooler for your Intel i9 CPU.

I hope this article is helpful for you & if you want to know more about Intel’s i9 CPUs, CPU coolers, computers, and other technology-related things, then keep following this blog constantly.

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