Does DirectX 12 Improve FPS? (The Truth Explained)

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If you are a gamer, then you must have heard about the DirectX 12 technology, as it provides a performance boost for gaming.

But, many peoples are spreading rumors that DirectX 12 reduces FPS; well, after doing a lot of research, I have come to know the truth & in this article, I will explain everything regarding this.

So, Does DirectX 12 Improve FPS?

Yes! with the help of DirectX 12 technology, you will significantly improve your FPS during gaming. Compared with DirectX 11, you will get faster framerates in DirectX 12 because DX 12 uses the CPU more efficiently. 

Because of the efficient CPU use, its frame rates drop much less when the game demands the most performance.

However, the FPS drops high compared with DirectX 12 within DX 11; therefore, it could not provide extra boosting performance.

I know that various other questions came to your mind regarding FPS & DirectX 12, and most of your questions discuss below.

How much increase in FPS will Directx 12 Bring for Games?

DirectX 12 indeed utilizes the CPU more efficiently & therefore, in comparison with DirectX 11, the FPS drops less, and you will get more consistent framerates.

But, how much FPS you will get after using DirectX 12 on video games depends on many factors.

DirectX 12 will also allow the graphics; APIs to utilize more than a single CPU core. This should greatly help CPU-limited games, reducing the bottleneck by up to half.

But that doesn’t mean you will see double frames; it doesn’t work out that nicely but it should help out quite a bit. Another thing that DirectX 12 has done is reduce overhead and streamline data flow.

In general, DirectX 12 boosts the FPS by 60% & you will get much fewer FPS drops than DirectX 11.

However, if you have a high-core CPU & your other setup is perfect, then you can gain upto120 FPS, and even on the abnormal setup, you have the potential to gain 100 FPS.

Again I am informing you that there is no guarantee that you can gain that amount of FPS because it varies entirely from game to game, which means results are case-specific. It is also possible that in some games, your FPS goes down.

Low FPS with Directx 12: Issues & Fixes

In general, DirectX 12 provides an extra boost in the FPS, but in a few cases, the FPS can be dropped & there were several reasons for this.

Here I have pointed out some of the crucial reasons & also provided a fix for that, so keep reading this article till the end-


If you have just switched to DirectX 12 and are getting such low FPS, then there is a vast probability this is due to ray tracing.

Ray Tracing is a lightning technique that brings an extra level of realism to games. In simple terms, Ray Tracing is a technique that makes light in video games behave as it does in real life and works by simulating actual light rays.

The Ray Tracing technique requires more processing power & therefore, sometimes, the FPS decreases.

When you switch in DirectX 12 from DirectX 11, your Ray Tracing automatically gets switched on & therefore, the FPS drops in some instances. 

To fix this issue, you need to turn off the Ray Tracing; after doing so, you will significantly improve your FPS.


DLSS stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling, and it is a family of real-time deep learning image enhancement and upscaling technologies developed by Nvidia.

DLSS improves the FPS performance, and you will notice a 50% FPS boost when running the game at maximum settings. Remember that it’s not available for all the cards.

But sometimes, when you switch to DirectX 12, the DLSS will automatically turn itself off if it is not available for your GPU, resolution & ray tracing settings. Therefore, your FPS can suddenly drop.

So, before doing anything, please do make sure that whether your card has DLSS supportability or not. However, DLSS is available for all the Nvidia RTX graphics.


Sometimes the FPS drops a little bit from 60 FPS to 58 FPS, but it makes it feel like you’re playing at 20 fps- if you’re facing such an issue on DirectX 12, this is due to Vsync.

This issue will destroy the smooth gaming experience & cause much more stuttering issues.

Before fixing this issue, let’s learn about Vsync- the term Vsync stands for Vertical Synchronization.

Vsync helps create stability by synchronizing the image framerate of your game or application with your display monitor refresh rate.

In general, Vsync makes the gaming experience smoother, but if your FPS is higher than the refresh rate of your monitor, then Vsync will put a cap on it.

So, if your FPS drops by a small margin, this is due to the Vsync, and to fix this issue, make sure Vsync is disabled. 

You can enable or disable the Vsync by navigating the NVIDIA control panel app on Windows operating system.


Video drivers are the most crucial component for gaming, and if you continue with outdated video drivers, it can hamper your gaming experience.

So, if you face the low fps issue on DirectX 12, make sure that your video drivers are up to date because Up to date drivers are vital for reliable FPS.

These are some of the primary reasons behind low FPS on DirectX 12, and you can quickly fix this by reading this entire article.

Directx 11 vs Directx 12: FPS

Peoples argues that DirectX 11 achieves more FPS than DirectX 12, but it is not true at all.

DirectX 12 utilizes the CPU more efficiently compared to DirectX 11, and therefore within DirectX 12, the FPS drops is much less.

Usually, DirectX 11 manages 19 fps, but comparatively, DirectX 12 is more than 60% faster at 33 fps.

So, based on all the facts, it has to be said that DirectX 12 provides better FPS compared to DirectX 11.

Remember that FPS depends on several things, including different games and setups, and it is also possible that sometimes you will get low fps on DirectX 12, but you can fix the issues to get better fps.

Directx 12 FPS on Fortnite

In general, DirectX12 on Fortnite provides 2% higher fps compared to DirectX 11, but for Fortnite, DirectX 12 is a suitable choice.

DirectX 12 can provide a performance boost when Fortnite gamers need it the most.

During a heated battle on Fortnite, the number of objects on the screen can skyrocket, increasing the CPU’s demand. This additional demand can cause the frame rates to drop.

But DirectX 12 utilizes the CPU more efficiently; therefore, the frame rate drop is significantly less compared to DirectX 11, and this provides an extra boost in the gaming experience.

However, Fortnite lovers also face the opposite experience, as they will get better FPS on DirectX 11, varying from graphics to graphics.

Final Thoughts

So, after checking all the facts, it can be said that DirectX improves the fps for a maximum number of games. However, it is a fixable issue if you face low FPS on DirectX 12.

I hope this article is helpful for you. Keep following this blog regularly if you want to know more about DirectX 12, gaming, PC components, and other technology-related things.

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