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Does Coding Require a Good Computer? (Experts Opinion)

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Coding has become one of the most gleaming & emerging career options for students, but as beginner programmers, peoples are always curious, does coding require a good computer?

When I started to learn computer programming, I was trying to figure out the same query, and I have done some research about this topic. Here, in this article, I am going to explain my own opinion & what experts suggest about this query.

So, does Coding require a good computer?

Well, what computer do you need for programming that entirely depends on the tasks you are performing? If you are doing web development or app development kinds of tasks, then you don’t need any powerful PC. At the same time, if you are writing code for something related to graphics such as Game Development, Video Editing, Photo Editing, and Physics simulation, then you need a powerful laptop with GPU.

I hope you already get your answer- is Coding require a good computer or not? in the below section, I have explained some other related queries about this topic. So, keep reading this article to the end.

Which Computer is Needed for Coding?

There were several aspects of Coding, and it mainly depends on the fact in which area you have been working.

Currently, Coding Is almost required for several things such as web development, app development, game development, machine learning, data science, and numerous other fields. So, as a programmer, you have to choose the perfect computer based on your work.

Let’s talk about the RAM requirements, for website developers, 2 GB of RAM is enough because web development is all about Html, CSS, and Javascript, at the same time, for app developers, the RAM between 4GB to 16 GB is sufficient, and for game developers, artists, and graphic designers the RAM between 16GB to 32 GB is an excellent choice.

At the same time web development and app development need a compiler and interpreter to execute the code, but at the current time, most of the IDEs like- Sublime, and VIM are RAM eaters, and therefore you should need a higher RAM PC.

However, if you have just started to do programming, you don’t need any super-fast high-speed processor; instead, you may consider a bigger screen, a comfortable keyboard, and a good battery life.

So, now comes to the point which computer is needed for Coding? then I should say that computers with at least 4GB to 16 GB RAM, 1TB Harddisk capacity, and a 15.6″ FHD+ (1920 x 1200) screen are perfect for Coding.

And if your PC follows these requirements, you can do several kinds of coding tasks such as web development, app development, game development, and graphics design within your PC system.

The Dell XPS 15 completely matches all of these requirements so you can check out this particular laptop on - Amazon, to boost your coding skills.

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Do I Need a Good and High-Budget PC for Coding?

Most people think that much more money you spend and a much better laptop you will get, but this doesn’t seem right, you can find an excellent PC within a limited budget.

Now, come to the point, is high budget PC mandatory for coding purposes, then the short answer is no, Coding is mainly about writing and executing those files.

You should not need any high-budget PC for simple coding tasks such as web development, app development, etc.

But, if you are performing some graphics-oriented Coding such as game development, and graphics design, then you should have to buy a high-budget PC that contains a GPU.

However, on average, a 7004 to 11004 pc is going to be an excellent choice for your coding purpose.

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Can I Code on a Bad or Low-End PC?

Yes, you can code on an inadequate or low-end computer system, but to do that, you have to follow some instructions, and if you do not follow these instructions, your system might hang up.

Here are the instructions-

When you are coding on a low-end or flawed PC system, you should check your IDE. In recent times most of the modern IDEs like VSCode, Sublime Text Editor, and VIM consume lots of RAM space, and in this case, you might have to go for the notepad or notepad++ text editor.

Secondly, many low ends pcs, are plagued with insufficient storage space. And the best tip here is to only store projects you work on 24/7 on your machine; instead, commit the files to git and push them to a hosted or self-hosted re positive.

Thirdly, you can check out some useful coding chrome extensions. And these extensions are genuinely helpful when you work on several tabs on your browser.

By following these instructions, you can efficiently code within your low-end PCs. However, I also want to state that if you are going to perform some graphics-related coding tasks, your PC might hang.

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What Processor Do I Need for Coding?

There were mainly two types of processors familiar amongst the people one is an intel processor, and another is a Ryzen processor.

If you need a gaming processor, then you can go for intel’s processors. But, for Coding, any specific requirements are not there.

However, if you want to perform some graphics-oriented tasks, you should go for a powerful processor that contains at least four 8cores(16 threads).

So, if you want to do game development, graphic design, or run powerful software that will impact the graphics portion you should need a powerful processor and ensure that your processor had a reasonable clock speed rate. Otherwise, it will make an impact on the speed.

According to the expert’s opinion, the AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with RadeonVega 8 Graphics Desktop Processor is an excellent choice for programmers, it contains four cores, and its clock speed rate is up to 4GHz, which is a great thing.

Furthermore, this Ryzen processor is capable of multitasking, which is also a good thing, so as a programmer, you can check out this AMD Ryzen 3 3200G processor to boost your programming skills.

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Is 4GB RAM Enough for Coding?

I recently started to do programming, and I don’t have a more great pc, so I was curious will 4GB ram going enough for Coding?

I have researched this topic a little bit, and a computer programmer suggest me, so here I will share my knowledge. I think as a programmer, you also have curiosity about this topic.

Well, what amount of RAM is required for Coding entirely depends on your coding stuff. Suppose, if you want to do Android Development, then 4GB RAM will be a nightmare for you.

Because the 4GB RAM isn’t enough for basic browsing, running an IDE or an emulator or virtual machine kinds of stuff. So, for the android developers, the 4GB RAM will not be enough at all.

If you are a student, you should have a low budget, and in that case, you can choose a soft budget pc for learning projects and personal projects.

Thirdly, if you are a web developer, then you are working with ReactJS, Angular Js, and some modern IDEs, then you should have to go for 8GB of RAM because modern IDEs consume a lot of RAM space.

Fourthly, if you are a back-end developer, you need to fire up to ten micro-services and three different browsers to get your infrastructure up, and in that case, you must need 16GB of RAM.

Finally, if you are building complex pc games or your applications need to run on several virtual machines, you have to go for 32GB of RAM.

In short, how much RAM you need for CodingCoding, is entirely depends on what coding tasks you have been performing.

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Is i5 enough for CodingCoding?

One of my friends has been using this intel processor for a long time, but it provides an average performance for programming.

But, if you want to learn to program, then the 11th generations intel i5 processor, including 2GB of the graphics card, is sufficient for programming. But the 8GB RAM, 512 GB SSD ROM, and 2.7GHz clock rate speed aren’t good for heavy coding tasks like- game development, graphics designs, virtual encoding, etc.

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