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Do You Need All Motherboard Screws? (3 Things To Know)

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If you are a beginner PC builder, then you may wonder whether you need all the motherboard screws or not?

I have built several PCs over the years & in this article, I will answer your question.

So, Do You Need All Motherboard Screws?

It is not mandatory to have all motherboard screws. Still, more screws tightly hold your motherboard with the case, and it also aligns the motherboard with the case very well, which makes it easier to add different types of expansion cards & other kinds of stuff. 

So, the more motherboard screws you will have, the more advantage you will get. 

After getting the short answer, I know that you have many questions in your mind, like How many screws you need, What happens if you miss any screws, and many other queries. These questions are discussed below, so keep reading this article till the end.

How Many Screws are Needed for Motherboards?

Usually, 9 types of motherboard screws are there, but the majority of the motherboards come with 8 different kinds of screws. 

So, let’s take a look at all of these different types of screws-

  • M5x10: These screws are usually used to hold the fans to the case of our computer.
  • 6-32: These types of motherboard screws are used in several areas, such as to hold expansion cards, power suppliers, PC cases, etc.
  • M3 Hexagonal Head: These screws are mostly used to hold the optical drives.
  • M3 Round Head and Long Shaft: These hold the brass standoffs with motherboards.
  • M3 Round Head and Short Shaft: These attach the optical drivers to the motherboard.
  • Thumbscrews: These screws are used to hold the PC case’s side panels.
  • M3 Metal Standoff- Fine Thread: These standoffs are used to mount the motherboard on the mounting tray.
  • M3 Metal Standoff- Coarse Thread: These types of screws are almost identical to the previous one.

To know more about these types of screws, you can read the entire article- Do Motherboard Screws Matter?

Now, let’s straight jump to the main point, do you need all motherboard screws?

If you have all the nine types of screws, it’s better to use all the screws; it will give you a solidity to attach different components inside motherboards.

But if you don’t have all the screws, then you can use how many screws you already have, although many PC builders recommend using a minimum of 5 screws to hold the motherboard in place. One to use on each corner of four sides and 1 in the middle of the motherboard closest to the video card slot. 

What Happens If You Don’t Screw all Motherboard Screws?

Usually, more motherboard screws are helpful for the users because it aligns the motherboards very well with the case. Therefore it becomes easier to add extension cards & other components inside the case.

Do You Need All Motherboard Screws
Motherboard Screws

If you don’t screw all the motherboard screws, nothing will happen, but make sure the screws you have added are screwed tightly. 

More than screws having standoffs in the first place is more important because it’s not good for the motherboard to flex when you insert extension cards into slots or cables into connectors.

For example, you could leave the bottom right standoff out because there are no heavy components in that tiny corner, and you only insert light connectors, so you don’t have to put pressure to insert those front panel connectors into the header.

But, it would be best if you had the standoffs in the area under the PCI-e slots or near the 24 pin atx connector because those are areas where there’s pressure applied when inserting things, and there’s potential for flexing the motherboard.

In short, you need to put the screws on motherboards where heavy components and pressures are applied.

Can’t get All Screws in Motherboard: Here’s What to Do?

Many beginner PC builders often ask what they should do if they are not getting any particular motherboard screws or if they lost any specific screw.

You have two options at this point; the first option is to put the number of screws that you have and don’t put too much pressure on motherboards while installing any components on the motherboard.

Do You Need All Motherboard Screws

Another option is to buy a whole set of motherboard screws & use it according to your requirements. Check Out the Motherboard Screw Sets on Amazon.

Are 4 Screws Enough for Motherboards?

Yes! It would probably be fine unless you install any heavy expansion cards & put lots of pressure inside the motherboards. 

Mostly PC builders recommend at least 5 motherboard screws; 1 uses each corner of four sides and 1 in the middle. This screw placement will give you stability and solidity.

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Final Thoughts

After discussing all the questions, it has to be said that you may not require all the motherboard screws, but you at least need 5 to 6 screws to screw it perfectly. Anything below that will gives you the complexity to install any expansion cards inside the board.

Thank You for reading this entire article; I hope this article is helpful for you and if you want to know more about motherboard components or other PC components, then keep following this blog regularly.

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