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Do PSU Have Surge Protection? (Explained For Beginners!)

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Before buying any Power Supply, many beginners have a common question in their mind whether a PSU has surge protection or not. If you also have the same question, then you are in the right place.

I have been building PC for the last couple of years, and due to my working experience, I have seen several Power Supplies, and here in this article, I will answer your question.

PSUs Have Surge Protection

Power Supply and Surge protector are not the same, but every PSU has internal surge suppressors that protect the Power Supply and PC components from minor power surging issues. 

But when big power surging issues appear then, your Power Supply can’t handle that pressure. To protect your Power Supply from all kinds of surging issues, you can use a Power Surge protector with your Power Supply because it will save all your PC components from heavy power surging issues.

After getting the answer, if you are thinking about what surge protection is, then don’t worry; below, I have explained in detail what surge protection is.

What is Surge Protection?

As Wikipedia explains, Surge Protector is an appliance or device that protects electrical devices from voltage spikes in alternating current circuits.

In short, to protect our electrical components from surges or damage, it is necessary to use a surge protector because power surges can happen anytime. So, if you have a surge protector, there are no worries about electronic device damage.

Is It Necessary To Buy a Surge Protected Power Supply?

Yes! Surge Protectors are necessary for the Power Supply, but there is nothing wrong with it to plug your PC cable straight into the wall socket because most modern PSUs already come with some form of protection inside it. Because of this basic protection, your system’s components get protected from surging issues.

Now, let’s talk deeply about the Power Surge protector. I should say that the Power Surging is not necessary for all the electronic components, such as you don’t need the surge protector for Desk Lamp or standing fans. Still, it will be better if you use a surge protector for expensive electronic components like Computers, televisions, etc.

So, if you want to use a surge protector for your Power Supply, then there is nothing wrong with it; you must use a PSU surge protector; it will help you to ease up your mind in case of a Power Surge, and it will protect your PC from severe damages.

How To Know If the PSU has Surge Protection?

PSUs do not have a surge protector; in fact, the surge protector is completely separate from the Power Supply. But modern branded Power Supplies contain some internal surge suppressors, which eventually protect your PC and other system’s components from minor surging issues.

But, when big surging issues appear, they can harm your PSU and other system components, which is why it is recommended to use surge protector.

Before buying any Power supply, many beginners are confused about which Power supply will give them better protection.

The answer to this question is straightforward; you must buy a good and branded Power Supply that protects your system from surging issues. But, if you buy such a cheap PSU, then it will suffer from various problems, including power surging. Checkout this article to know how PSU can affect your PC performance?

Why Do Some PC Power Supplies Don’t Have Surge Protection?

First, you must understand that Power Surges are usually generated & transmitted in a longer cable length like Power lines, radio frequencies, and lightning spikes. Besides, switching high currents and electromagnetic induction in adjacent cables could also cause surging issues.

Now, the majority of the modern Power Supplies do not have the long length of cables, and therefore there is very little need for surge protection.

That’s why if you use a Power Supply that doesn’t have surge protection, it will not harm your system’s components.

Moreover, DC power equipment often has surge protection where longer signal wires are terminated into electronics to prevent interference with the correct operation of the equipment and damage to the electronics.

Just because of these reasons having a Power Supply that doesn’t have surge protection is not harm you significantly.

What Happen If You Use a PSU That Doesn’t Have Surge Protection?

Every Power Supply has some kind of protection inside it, protecting your PC components from severe damage.

Now, if we talk about the PSU that doesn’t have the surge protector, then I want to explain to you that Power Supply & the Surge Protector both are entirely separate things.

While buying any Power Supply, you have to check whether your Power Supply has voltage protection, over-current protection, or the short- circuit protection or not.

If these protections exist within your Power supply, then your PSU will be protected from the power surging issues. But, if you buy such a cheap Power Supply, then your PSU may not have these features, and because of that, your PSU could face heavy Power Surging issues which could damage your system’s components.

Can A Good PSU Handle Power Surges?

Yes! A good Power Supply can protect your PC from various dangers, including Power Surging issues. Most modern Power Supplies come with protections inside it, and therefore they can easily handle a little bit of Power Surging issues.

Good Power Supplies have good voltage protection, short-circuit protection, and over-current protection; therefore, these PSUs have the capability to handle surges.

That’s why it is recommended by most of the experts to buy a good quality Power Supply because it is going to help you in many areas.

Do Corsair PSUs have Surge Protection?

As I already explained in this article, Power Supply & Surge protectors are both different things, and PSUs can handle small power surges.

According to Corsair’s official website, their PSUs have the majority of the protection like Over voltage protection, under voltage protection, short-circuit protection, and over-current protection. Due to all these types of protection, Corsair’s Power supplies are fully protected from the Power Surging issues.

Final Thoughts

At last, I want to summarize everything for you Power Supplies have some kind of surge suppressors that protects your PSU from minor power surging issues, but if you’re going to protect your PSU from heavy Power Surging, then you have to use some type of surge protector.

I hope this article may be helpful for you and if you want to know more about Power supplies and other PC components, keep following this blog regularly.