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Do Intel CPUs come with Coolers? (Explained with Examples)

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Many Intel CPU users wonder whether their Intel CPU has come with a CPU cooler or not? If you’re one of those users, then you’re in the right place.

I have done a ton of research about Intel CPU coolers & I am writing this article to inform you which Intel CPUs come with coolers & which don’t come.

So, Do Intel CPUs Come with Coolers?

Yes! all the Intel locked CPUs come with coolers, but the Intel Unlocked CPUs don’t come with coolers. For instance, the Intel “K” & “X” series don’t come with CPU coolers, and for these CPUs, you need an aftermarket cooling solution like Air Cooler or Water cooling solution. 

Do Intel CPUs come with Coolers
Intel i3 9100f

I understand that the brief answer is not so helpful for you & you still have messes of questions regarding this topic.

All your questions have been discussed in the below section, so keep reading this article until the end.

Which Intel CPUs Do not have CPU Coolers?

Although most Intel CPUs come with stock coolers, the unlocked Intel CPUs don’t come with CPU Coolers.

Mainly the Intel “K” series & “X” series CPUs do not come with the CPU cooler & here I have listed some of the Intel K & X series CPUs that do not have the CPU coolers-

  • Intel i9 9900k
  • Intel i9 10700k
  • Intel i9 10850k
  • Intel i9 10900k
  • Intel i9 11700k
  • Intel i9 11900k
  • Intel i5-7640X

These are some of the Intel CPUs which do not come with CPU coolers & besides these, the other Intel K & Y series CPUs also do not come with coolers. So, if you’re using these Intel CPUs, you need an aftermarket cooling solution.

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Does Intel i3 9100f Come with Cooler?

The Intel i3 9100f is a 9th generation Intel processor & yes, this Intel i3 9100f CPU comes with a stock CPU cooler & it is a locked processor, and it is not suitable for overclocking.

The stock cooler is enough for this Intel i3 9100f as it was not overclockable.

Does Intel Core i5 Come with Cooler?

Some of the Intel i5 processors come with a CPU cooler, such as the Intel i5 10400 CPU comes with a CPU cooler & pre-applied thermal paste.

But, the Intel “K” & “X” series i5 processors do not come with the Intel stock coolers & pre-applied thermal paste. For instance, the Intel i5-7640X and i5-9600K do not include a stock cooler or thermal paste.

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Does the Intel i5 9400f Come with a Cooler?

Yes! the Intel i5 9400f processor comes with a CPU stock cooler, but this is a locked processor & not suitable for overclocking.

This Intel i5 9400f is a 9th generation Intel CPU with 65W of default TDP & it is not overclockable because it comes with a CPU stock cooler and pre-applied thermal paste.

Does the Intel i5 9600k Come with a Cooler?

The Intel i5 9600k is such a powerful processor suitable for gamers, and this processor does not include any CPU cooler or heat sink.

Do Intel CPUs come with Coolers
Intel i5 9600k

This CPU is Overclockable, and therefore it does not come with the Stock cooler. You can insert any aftermarket cooling solution into this CPU.

Does the Intel i7 Come with Cooler?

Yes! Most Intel i7 CPUs come with a CPU cooler; for instance, the Intel i7 9700 & 10700 CPUs come with CPU coolers.

But the i7 “K” and “X” series CPUs do not come with a CPU cooler; for example- the i7 10700K, and the i7 7800X, and 6950X do not come with a CPU cooler.

Does the Intel i7 9700k Come with Cooler?

No! the Intel i7 9700k CPU does not come with a stock cooler because this CPU is potent and is unlocked for Overclocking.

However, you can include any aftermarket cooling on this Intel i7 9700k CPU.

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Does Intel 10th gen Come with Cooler?

Yes! Most of the Intel 10th generation CPUs come with the stock CPU cooler & pre-applied thermal paste, but these CPUs are not Overclockable.

On the other hand, the Intel 10th generation CPUs with the letters K, KF, KE, or X, do not come with the Stock Cooler & thermal paste.

For instance, the 10th gen Intel Core i9-10900K/KF, Intel Core i7-10700K/KF, and the Intel Core i5 10600K/KF do not come with any Stock Cooler.

If you are using any of these Intel CPUs, you need an aftermarket cooling solution for your CPU.

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Final Thought

This article explains which Intel CPUs come with coolers & which do not come, and based on all the facts; it can be said that except for Intel “K” & “X” series CPUs, all Intel CPUs come with Stock Coolers.

I hope this article is helpful to you. If you want to know more about Intel CPUs, Stock Coolers, Computers, and other technology-related things, regularly follow this blog.

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