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Do AMD Laptops have Thunderbolt?

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Thunderbolt is an exceptional extension to your Laptop for supporting multiple peripherals simultaneously and for high-speed data transferring. Many AMD laptops users seek the query on the internet whether their Laptop has Thunderbolt support or not.

I have researched this query, and here I will explain you the answer of your question.

So, Does AMD Laptop have Thunderbolt?

No! most of the AMD processor-based Laptop doesn’t support a Thunderbolt controller because the basic design and IP blocks of the APUs were completed before the spec was opened. Significantly fewer AMD laptops supported the Thunderbolt controller, but they did it via an external controller wired to the APU’s PCle controller. This increases the bill of materials, so most vendors don’t bother with this. 

After knowing that most of the AMD doesn’t come up with the thunderbolt support, you might be wondering why; well, in the below section, the reasons were explained.

Why have AMD Processors not Supported Thunderbolt?

Let’s look out some of the crucial reasons why AMD processors don’t come up with the Thunderbolt controller support-

Proprietary Technology

This is one of the most crucial reasons AMD computers don’t have thunderbolt support. Thunderbolt is a brand name of a hardware interface for connecting external peripherals to a computer.

Intel mainly developed it, and it has a collaboration with Apple. Initially, it was marketed under the name of Light Peak and first sold as part of an end-user product in 2011.

As Thunderbolt is a proprietary technology developed by a consortium that Intel was a part of and AMD was not, most AMD-based Laqptop’s do not support the Thunderbolt connectivity. 

Basic Design and IP Blocks

This is another primary reason why AMD is not supporting the Thunderbolt controller. Most AMD laptops’ basic designs are not suitable for Thunderbolt supports.

Besides basic design, the IP blocks of the AMD Laptop’s APUs were completed before the spec was opened. 

Some of the AMD Laptop which supports the Thunderbolt have to do that via an external controller wired to the APU’s PCle controller. However, this is not pursuable for everyone because this increases the bill of materials, so most vendors don’t bother.

Intel’s Dominance

As you have already come to know, Intel’s built Thunderbolt connectivity in collaboration with Apple. Therefore, Intel does not provide the convenience to the other brands to use the Thunderbolt connectivity technology.

And because of this, most AMD-based Laptops is not coming with Thunderbolt support.

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AMD not Paying Intel

Thunderbolt controllers are an Intel standard that everyone can use, but AMD is likely not interested in paying Intel to use them. And because of this, Intel is not providing the license to Intel to use the Thunderbolt controllers.

Not Supportable for Lower Budget PCs

If you notice carefully, you will realize that most of the Laptops that come with the thunderbolt support are available in higher-tier products; this Thunderbolt connectivity will not support the lower-budget PC systems because of the basic design.

Most AMD-based Laptop comes at an affordable price, and therefore the Thunderbolt connectivity port is provided to those Laptops.

License & Loyalty Fees

AMD can take the license from Intel to use the Thunderbolt controller by paying the royalty fees, but AMD is not interested in doing that. 

These are some crucial reasons AMD laptops don’t come with Thunderbolt supports.

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Does AMD Support Thunderbolt 3?

Yes! There are significantly fewer Laptops coming with the AMD processors and the support of Thunderbolt 3. But not all AMD-based Laptops will support thunderbolt connectivity because Intel provided access to use the Thunderbolt in 2017, so if you have an AMD-based laptop you purchased later in 2017, you may get the Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. 

But there are no guarantees that all the AMDs Laptops have Thunderbolt 3 connectivity that users have purchased after 2017.

Does AMD Support Thunderbolt 4?

Most of the AMD motherboard-based Laptops do not support the Thunderbolt 4 connectivity; having said that, the Asus new ProART B550- the creator has become the first AMD motherboard to support the Thunderbolt 4 connectivity. 

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Final Thought:

As mentioned above, most of the AMD motherboard-based Laptops do not have Thunderbolt support, but there are significantly fewer laptops available that support this. And, in the future, this connectivity will become available for all of the AMD motherboards.

I hope this article is helpful for you and if you want to learn more about AMD processors, Thunderbolt, computers, and technology, keep following this blog regularly.

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