Diploma in office automatio course

Diploma in office automation course

Welcome to here in this article we will discuss the office automation course. And here we will discuss what is the scope, eligibility, syllabus, duration, and other important factors of this course.

So please read this full article to know about these course in details .

What is office automation course? :

Here I will discuss the office automation computer course, basically, this is a kind of job oriented computer course. And the completion of this course you will easily get a job in the government sectors.

This course is mainly conducted by the NIELIT (National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology). And this is really a short-term computer course and it is very easier to clear.

Eligibility criteria :

The eligibility criteria of this course are that you have to clear the class 12th exam and after the completion of that, you can easily apply to this computer course. And it does not need any kind of stream such as science, commerce, arts, you can apply to this course just after the completion of the 12th exam.

Furthermore, you can also apply to this computer course after the completion of your ITI exam, if you got 50% marks in ITI then you are eligible for this exam.

To apply to this course you have to just fillup the form or otherwise, you can also do the registration process in the NIELIT official portal also.

Purpose of this course:

The purpose of this course is very simple, this course helps students to get a job in the government sectors. And you can apply for any kind of computer-oriented job at any kind of institute.

Besides that from this course, you will also learn about digital things and gain knowledge about the digital literacy factors.

Office automation course syllabus:

The syllabus of this course is really very helpful for the students to increase their knowledge and to gain the skills. And in this course you will also learn about the skills and about digital concepts.

Here i mention the syllabus of this course –

Subjects/ Topics/ Modules/ Units
Introduction to computer
Introduction to GUI based operating system
Elements of word processing
Introduction to Internet, www and web browsers
Communication and collaboration
Application of presentation
Application of digital financial services
Soft skills
Data entry/ Typing test

Generally this is the whole syllabus of this computer course.

Exam method of office automation course:

The exam method of this course is very easier. In this computer course you have to just clear –

  • 15 MCQ type questions
  • 5 fill in the blank questions
  • 5 true/false question
  • Important 5 shortcuts based question
  • 5 full form-based question
  • Subjective 15 questions

Generally this is the whole concepts of this course and besides that we have to also clear one practical exam that is actually consist of 50 marks.

After all these things we have to clear a typing test and if your typing speed is 35 per minute then you can easily clears this exam.

Grade system of office automation course:

The grade system of this computer course is very similar to the nielit ccc computer course grade system. Here i mention the grade system of office automation course.

Marks range in %85 to 10075 to 8465 to 7455 to 6450 to 54Below 50%

Job opportnities of office automation course:

There are various jobs of various fields are available after the completion of this course. You can do this course very easily and you will definitely get thejob.

Here i mention some of the institutes names which provides us a better job.

  • CPAO
  • Department of environment
  • DIT- NIC
  • Drugs control department
  • Labour department

These are some of the well known and top most institutes which provide us good jobs .

Salary after office automation course:

After the completion of this course, you will easily get a salary of around 15000 to 20000 into any private institute and if you got any govt jobs then you will get a much better salary package than this.


Office automation course means:

This is a short term computer course and this course is specially desined for the students to give them clear concepts about digital things, computer concepts and with other skills.

What are the advantages of office automation?

There are many advantages of this course and after this course, you will easily get a job in the private sector and besides that, you will also get a job in the govt sector. And in the govt sector, this course certificate is much more valuable than the other course certificate because this course is conducted by NIELIT and its certificate is very much valuable in terms of govt jobs.

Importance of office automation:

There are various companies that are actually looking for students, who completed the office automation course. And this course is very much important for students to gain knowledge about computer skills and other kinds of digital skills.

Duration of this course:

There are two types of office automation course one is short term and another is long term and the short term course is actually conducted by NIELIT and it is around 6 months and the long term course is around 2-3 years.


This article is all about the office automation computer course, and here I mention the eligibility, syllabus, duration, job opportunities of this course.

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