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Different types of computer courses for jobs

Welcome into this article here we will discuss the various types of computer courses and we will also discuss that which types of computer courses are better for you.

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There are multiple types of computer courses, but for our convenience, we actually divide the computer courses into three main types. Such as-

  • certificate courses
  • Diploma courses
  • Long term computer courses

Lets discuss about all these courses one by one.

Types of certificate computer courses:

types of computer certificate courses

Although there are multiple types of computer courses are available in the but the certificate courses are most popular.

And now in recent days all students who clear their 10th exam then get admission into these certificate courses.

There are lots of certificate courses are available and here i mention some of those certificate courses.

  • Certification in digital marketing
  • Certificate in ms word
  • certification in basic programming languages
  • certificate in photo editing

Certificate in computer concepts:

The certificate in computer course is very much popular among the students.

And you can easily do this course after the passing of 12th exam.

After the completion of this course their are multiple opportunities available in the private sectors as well as in govt sectors.

These courses teach you the basics of computers as well as the ms office package and some digital devices concepts etc.

Certificate in digital marketing:

Digital marketing is one of the most hot topics in todays generation.

And there are multiple jobs are available into this field .

You can easily do this course from this institute.

But there is some online institute who provides this certificate program.

The ms word office package is very much needed to all the computer sectors .

And there are not any specific institute who provide this certificate program .

And this is basically 3 months certificate course which you can easily do from any of the institutes.

You can learn about the ms word skills from our website also- visit here .

There are not any eligibility criteria is needed into this field.

Certificate in ms word:

Certificate in programming languages:

Computer programming is one of the most popular topics and there are lots of opportunities are available for good programmers.

There are multiple programming languages are available in which you can do the certificate program.

You can do these programs from an online institute as well as from an offline institute.

Certificate in photo editing:

Photo editing is a very good profession if you are able to show your skills in this field.

And this is really is a short term computer course and this is the very helpful course for students.

Types of computer diploma courses:

types of computer diploma courses

There are lots of computer diploma courses and here we mentioned some of them.

  • DCA
  • ADCA
  • O level

These courses are not very long and not very short. In the below section we describe all these courses in detail.

DCA stands for diploma in computer application and this is basically a 1-year computer course which you can do from any institute.

And after the completion of this course, you will learn about the basics of office packages, DBMS, Html, and also some programming languages.


The term adca actually stands for an advanced diploma in computer application and this is also a one-year computer course .

And its study material is almost similar to the DCA course.

You can get admission into this course after the completion of 12th.

O level:

O level is actually the foundation level computer course which we can do from any NIELIT recognized institute.

We already provide a detailed article about o level computer course, so please read that article.

Long term computer courses:

There are lots of long terms computer courses are available .

And these courses are mainly designed for that candidate who wants to build their career in the computer field.

  • BCA
  • MCA
  • BSC it
  • MSC it

These are the some important long term courses.

FAQ’s :

computer courses list with fees details:


BCAApproximately 40000-60000
MCAInbetween 3-5 lacks based on institute
O levelAround 15000- 20000
A levelApproximately 35000-40000
BSC ITInbetween 1- 3 lacks
MSC ITAlmost 30000 in every semesters
Btech in computer science60000 in every semester
Mtech in computer science150000 per anumn

Top 10 computer courses in demand:

  1. BCA
  1. MCA
  1. BSC it
  1. Msc it
  1. Btech
  1. Mtech
  1. O level
  1. A level
  1. B level
  1. C level

These courses are not in a particular order, all the courses have their own importance.

What are the basic computer courses?:

There are lots of basics computer courses such as-

  • DCA(diploma in computer application)
  • CCC (course in computer concepts)
  • ECC(expert in computer concepts)
  • DIT(Diploma in information technology)
  • BCC(Basic computer course)


This article is all about the various types of computer courses and their benefits, so please follow our website for this kind of informational article.