Data security analyst salary

Data Security Analyst Salary

Welcome to here in this article here we will discuss the data security analyst salary and some other topics regarding data security analysts. So please read this full article to know about these data security analysts in more detail.

First of all, we have to know who is known as data security analysts. Well, data security analysts are those professionals who are responsible for protecting an organization’s digital information and computer networks.

Besides that they also provide administrative and technical assistance in the management of information technology.

Eligibility to become a data security analysts:

The minimum eligibility that requires to become a data analysts that you have to do A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology.

But most of the companies required some experience in the field of data security analysts jobs.

Skills required to become a data security analysts:

To become a data analysts you have to know about the lots of technical skills , such as

  • The DLP, anti-virus, and anti-malware, you have to understand the TCP/IP, computer networking routing, and switching.
  • IDS / IPS penetration and vulnerability testing
  • Firewall and prevention protocols
  • Network protocols and packet analysis tools
  • Operating system Knowledge
  • Some soft skills like writing, teaching, and public speaking

How do you become a security analyst:

To become a data security analyst you have to follow some certain steps. And here i mention those steps.

First, you have to pass the 12th class in the science stream and after that, you have to do engineering courses like B.E(IT), B.Tech(Information Science and Engineering), B.Tech(IT).

After that you can also persue the masters degree in the following terms such as –

M.E(Information Security)

M.E(Information Technology)

M.B.A(Information Security Management)

M.Tech.(Information Security)

What does a data security analyst do?:

If you are a data security analyst then you have to works on separate sections such as – participation in the evaluation, development, and implementation of security standards.

Designing network vulnerability scans and providing remediation alternatives.

Developing specifications for complex network security and protection technologies identifying emerging vulnerabilities and evaluating associated risks and threats.

Top institutes to become a security analyst:

Top institute to learn data security analyst in India

Govt institutes:

  • India Institute of technology
  • Mumbai college of engineering, Pune
  • Jadavpur University, kolkata
  • College of Engineering Trivandrum.

Private institutes:

  • Lovely professional University, Phagwada
  • Daynanda Sagar College of engineering, Bangalore
  • PSG colege of Technoology, Coimbatore
  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai.

Data security analyst salary per month:

Before discussing the salary packages we have to remember some things that the salary packages and the career prospects based on some factors such as – candidates’ educational qualification, expertise, as well as regional market conditions.

Now if we talk about the average salary of a data security analyst then it will be around 4000- 5000 rupees per month to start with and it increases exponentially with experience and advanced skills.

Data security analysts jobs:

As a data security analyst, you can apply in the various sectors such as they can apply as Information Security Analysts in IT companies.

In the government sector as an information security advisor. Furthermore, they can also apply to cyber companies that providing facilities for information securities.


How much do data security analysts make?:

If you are absolutely freshers then you can earn around 4000- 50000 and if you have already gained experience then you cal definitely earn more.

Do data analysts get paid well?:

The answer is definitely yes, it is one of the vastest fields at the current moment, therefore, you can definitely earn handsome money.

Data security analyst salary in us:

Well, as compared with India in the US a data security analyst will earn more money. On average in the US, a freshers data security analyst earns somewhere around 800$-1000$ per month.


This article is all about the data security analyst salary and besides that here I also mention some of the other important factors regarding data security analysts. I hope you like this article.

And if you have any kind of query then please ask me at [email protected]. And please follow our website for this kind of informational article.

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