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CSS vs CSS3| Difference between CSS and CSS3

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Welcome to this article, this article is all about CSS vs CSS3, and what is the difference between CSS vs CSS3, but before this, we have to gain some basic knowledge about the basic CSS and its features, so let’s start the article.

What is CSS3?

Generally, the term CSS stands for cascading style sheet and it is used to design our websites.

The css3 is actually the upgraded version of CSS and its work is also similar to the CSS other versions that is to develop the design for our website.

But if we compare the css2 version with the latest css3 version then it will be noticed that in css3 there are many new features available that are actually used for the better design and decoration of our website.

And these features are actually not present in CSS older versions.

What are the new features in css3?

In terms of features, css3 is much more better and advanced than CSS.

In css3 there are lots of new features that are added which are used to create a much more attractive website, and it is very helpful for the website developers.

Here I mention some of the basic css3 features

  • Css3 provides us with a better box model and it is mainly used to design box elements for our website.
  • Css3 allows us to create much more attractive texts.
  • With the help of css3, we can create much more attractive borders and background designs.
  • If you want to include animations on your website then that is not possible with the help of CSS older versions but this is possible with the help of css3 and we can attach much more attractive animations.
  • Css3 also helps developers to develop much more and attractive user interfaces.

which is the latest CSS?

The first version of CSS was actually released in the year 1996 by the W3C (world wide web consortium) and at that time it was actually introduced for the purpose of website development but it was changed so much and it was mainly used for the purpose of designing websites.

Later it was upgraded and released in the CSS 2 and css2.1 version.

Css3 is the current version of CSS and is much popular it is actually a type of style sheet language and it was originally released in the year 2016 and it is the latest version of CSS.

Its file extension is .css .

Now, let’s start the discussion about CSS vs CSS3 and what is the difference between CSS and css3.

CSS vs CSS3 differences


CSS is actually the older version of the css3.
CSS was actually released in the year of 1996 and it was published by the W3C.

On the other hand, css3 is released in recent years and,
it is actually the upgraded version of CSS.

If you want to create an attractive website then CSS is not suitable for you,
because CSS is mainly focused on the text formatting and text design of our website.

on the other hand, css3 focus on the attractiveness of our website.

Designing of our websites is one of the major factors of our websites,
and the term design actually suggests responsive designs that mean creating our websites for multiple versions such as for computers, tablets as well for mobiles.
With the help of CSS, you cannot create a much responsive website

But if you are a css3 user then you can easily create responsive websites for multiple devices.
Embedded animation

It is true that we can embed animation with the help of CSS but the fact is to embed a special animation we have to take the help of javascript.

Because javascript allows us to embed other frameworks also.

CSS does not allow us to embed javascript

But in css3 we can easily embed the javascript code and embed animation to our website.

In CSS you can enter the CSS code and make the borders but the main factor is that you cannot create many attractive websites,

But in css3 it is easier for a programmer to embed the borders and make the borders in other styles also, such as in rounder format, or in dashed format.

Visual effects
In the normal CSS version if you want to add any animations to your website then you can do that with the help of javascript and jquery easily but these animations are not so better and in fact, CSS only allows the animation in the text-based format.

On the other hand, css3 is presented better visual effects,
and it not only presents the text animation but besides that it also displays video animation as well.
SpeedCSS is slower than the css3Css3 is much faster than the CSS
List style
In the normal CSS, we can insert the various list styles and their types and besides that, we can also enter numbering styles also.

But on the other hand, css3 does not allow us to create the numbering styles.
Media supports
If you want to attach any media queries then it is actually not possible with the CSS because CSS does not allow any media support queries.

But this is not the case with css3 because it allows us to embed the media queries with our websites.
Browsers support
Well, CSS is actually supported in many web browsers such as google chrome, internet explorer, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers as well.

But there are some new browsers as well in which CSS is not supported.

But the css3 is supported in many web browsers it is acceptable in older browsers as well as in newer browsers.
With the help of CSS, we can only use single-level blocks and it is not good for a programmer.

But on the other hand, css3 is used to enter the multi-column text blocks into our websites.
We can compare both CSS and css3 in terms of modules.

CSS is a style sheet that can not be divided into modules.

But on the other css3 is actually the revised version of the older CSS version in fact in css3 there are three models such as – CSS box model, CSS background model, and CSS text effects.

If we compare both the style sheets in terms of colors then we can say that.

CSS only supports old colors.

But with the help of css3, we can use the newer colors also such as -RGBA and HSL.


This article is all about CSS vs CSS3 and the difference between CSS and css3 and the css3 features, if you want to ask something then please comment in the comment box.

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