ccc computer course details, syllabus, fees, jobs, etc

Welcome to this article here we will discuss the ccc computer course and the various other queries regarding the ccc computer course.

So please keep with us to know everything about the ccc computer course .

what is ccc computer course? :

Actually, ccc is a kind of basic computer course and its full form is a course on computer concepts.

And many people also known this course as triple c course.

This course is actually conducted by the NIELIT(National Institute of electronics and information technology ).

Which is a part of the Indian govt ministry.

It is basically a short-term computer course and its duration is in between 2 or 3 months.

You can do this course from any institute or by enrolled as a direct candidate.

ccc computer course syllabus :

Well, the syllabus of this course is unlike the other computer courses.

And after the completion of this course, you will learn about many things.

Here i describe the syllabus of ccc in details-

  • Introduction to computer
  • Operating system
  • Windows
  • Microsoft office (word, excel, PowerPoint) or
  • LibreOffice(writer, calc, spreadsheet)
  • Internet applications and emails
  • Digital financial tools

To know about this syllabus in detail then please the nielit official website there you will get every information about ccc.

How can I get CCC certificate?:

There are two ways to do this course and achieve the ccc computer course certificate, one is in the direct method and another is by enrolling into the course through the help of institute.

If you do this course as a direct candidate then you have to do all the registration and activities and within the 2 months, you can give the exam and get the certificate easily.

But if you are enrolled through an institute then the institute will definitely do all the activities on the behalf of you, you will just give the exam and easily get the certificate.

ccc course fees :

As i mentioned earlier you can apply and do the course in two methods.

In both cases, the course fees will be different.

If you apply for the course as a direct candidate then you have to do all the registration process and in that case, you have to just pay the actual cost of the exam form which is around 500-750 rupees.

If you apply for that course through the help of any institute then the institute might take some tuition fees from you which will be around 2000-2500 rupees.

What is the passing marks of CCC?:

The ccc examination is conducted into two phrases we have to give the theory exam and besides that, we also have to give the practical exam, and both the exams consist of 100 marks.

And according to the nielit rules if you got 50 percent marks then you are eligible to get the certificate, and there is one benefit in this exam that all the questions are MCQ type questions which consist of one mark each.

Well, we are providing the mock test of ccc exam on our website, you can attend those mock tests and easily pass the exam- visit here to attend the mock tests.

ccc computer course job opportunities :

There are multiple job opportunities are available in the market for ccc candidates.

In recent times there are some govt organizations who actually looking for this certificate. This is a very helpful certificate because this certificate was provided by NIELIT which is also a govt organization.

And furthermore, you can work as a data entry operator or as an assistant operator in any private company.


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