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Can you Use AMD cooler on Intel? (4 Things you Should Know)

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Many AMD users are confused about whether they can use the AMD stock coolers on the Intel CPUs or not?

If you’re looking for this same query, then you’re in the right place; after doing a ton of research, I am writing this article to answer your questions regarding this topic.

So, Can you Use AMD Cooler on Intel?

If you are using the Wraith Stealth & Wraith Spire stock coolers, you cannot use them on Intel because they are only attachable to the AMD motherboards. But you can use Wraith Cooler, Wraith Max, Wraith Prism, or other aftermarket AMD coolers on Intel CPUs.

It is not that easy to put an AMD stock cooler on Intel. To do so, you have to check out a couple of significant factors, including- the mounting brackets, Screws, sockets, pins, etc.

I know the short answer is not so helpful for you; therefore, I mentioned some of the significant facts below to clarify all your doubts.

Facts you Need to Check before Putting the AMD coolers on Intel CPU.

As I told you earlier that it is cumbersome to use AMD’s stock cooler inside Intel CPUs & before doing this, you need to check these facts-

Mounting Bracket

Before putting the AMD stock coolers on your Intel CPU, you need to check whether your cooler comes with the mounting bracket or not.

Can you Use AMD cooler on Intel
A.M.D. Ryzen Wraith Prism LED RGB Cooler Fan

However, if you’re using stock coolers like- Wraith Cooler, Wraith Max, and Wraith Prism, then these can easily be clipped onto mounting brackets.

To implement this, all you need is a mounting bracket adapter to provide positions for the coolers to clip onto. This bracket is screwed through the motherboard into the backplate, then the coolers clips onto the bracket.

Moreover, suppose you want to use the aftermarket coolers on Intel CPUs. In that case, there is no need to worry about it because the aftermarket coolers are designed to work with different CPU sockets. These aftermarket coolers come with two separate mounting brackets, one for Intel & another for AMD sockets.


Some of the stock coolers are directly integrated into the motherboard using specific types of screws.

The AMD stock coolers like Wraith Stealth Wraith Spire are integrated on the motherboard with this type of screw; therefore, it is tough to bring out the coolers & affix them with the Intel CPUs.

Moreover, these screws are don’t line up with the Intel motherboards, so they cannot be installed except on AMD motherboards with the proper screw hole positions.


AMD and Intel both use different sockets, while AMD uses PGA sockets; on the other hand Intel uses LGA sockets.

However, Intel has contact pads on their processors that contact pins in the socket, and AMD has the opposite (pins on the processor & contact slots in the socket).

Just because of this differentiation between sockets, it is challenging to put one’s stock cooler to another inside.

But, it is not that difficult for the aftermarket coolers because these coolers are designed to work with different sockets.


Both AMD & Intel comes with different types of pins. AMD processors primarily use the PGA (Pin Grid Array) socket.

Here the processor itself has pins, which its socket doesn’t have. Because of this, pins get inserted into the socket’s holes whenever you fit the processor in the socket’s socket.

On the other hand, Intel processors use the LPA (Land Grid Array) socket in all the CPUs & here processor itself doesn’t have the pins in it, and the socket has pins.

As you can notice, there is a lot of differentiation between both pins, and because of this, it is challenging to put AMD’s Stock Cooler inside Intel’s CPU.

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How to Use AMD Cooler on Intel CPUs?

Two kinds of coolers come with the AMD CPUs: the wraith series stock cooler & another cooler is the aftermarket cooler that can be applied inside the AMD CPUs externally.

Now, the process of inputting the AMD coolers within Intel CPUs depends on which types of coolers you are using on your AMD CPU, whether it is a stock cooler or an aftermarket cooler.

So, if you want to put the aftermarket AMD cooler on Intel CPUs, the process is more straightforward for you.

Process for Aftermarket AMD Coolers

Firstly, you should check whether your cooler has the pre-applied thermal paste; if it is not pre-applied, then you need to apply that.

Can you Use AMD cooler on Intel
AMD cooler

Secondly, check the mounting bracket whether it will fit on your Intel’s motherboard or not. Some Intel motherboards also require specific types of Screws to put inside.

Finally, push the screws or use the mounting bracket and attach the aftermarket cooler inside the CPU.

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Process for AMD’s Stock Coolers

The process will be slightly different if you want to put AMD’s stock cooler inside Intel CPUs.

Firstly, You must carefully remove the AMD’s stock cooler from your CPU; it will be difficult because it was integrated into the motherboard by the manufacturer. (Remember, only Wraith Cooler, Wraith Max & Wraith Prism coolers are applicable for this).

Secondly, you need to apply the thermal paste on your Intel CPUs for planting the AMD’s stock cooler.

Thirdly, you require a mounting bracket adapter to provide positions for the cooler to clip into. This bracket is screwed through the motherboard into the backplate.

Finally, after checking all of these things, you can plant your AMD’s stock cooler within Intel CPUs by pushing in.

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Can you use Wraith Cooler on Intel CPU?

Yes! You can use the AMD’s Wraith cooler inside the Intel CPU, but you require a mounting bracket adapter. Remember that only the wraith cooler, Wraith Prism, and Wraith Max coolers are attachable with Intel motherboards by using separate mounting brackets.

AMD’s stock coolers, like the Wraith Stealth & Wraith Spire, are not compatible with Intel’s motherboards & therefore, you can only use these Stock Coolers inside AMD CPUs.

But if you use any aftermarket cooler inside AMD CPU, you can easily pick up that & put it inside the Intel CPU because the aftermarket coolers can work with different CPU sockets.

Do AMD & Intel use Different Coolers?

Yes! AMD & Intel both use different types of stock coolers, and within the past couple of years, AMD’s Stock Coolers have evolved a lot.

Today AMD CPUs come with different types of Stock Coolers, which include- Wraith Cooler, Wraith Max, Wraith Prism, Wraith Stealth, and Wraith Spire. These coolers are very much suitable for gamers & these coolers also allow gamers to do a little bit of overclocking.

On the other hand, the Intel stock cooler design has changed very little with overclockable Intel “K” series CPUs that don’t come with the stock coolers over the past few years.

Comparatively, the AMDs wraith series stock coolers are better than the Intels stock coolers for gaming or overclocking.

Final Thought

Based on all the facts, it can be said that you can definitely use the AMDs stock coolers inside Intel sockets, but to do so, you have to look at several things.

On the other hand, it’s straightforward to use any aftermarket cooler inside Intel Sockets. So, whenever you’re trying to put AMD’s cooler inside Intel CPUs, make sure what kind of cooler it is.

I hope this article is helpful for you and if you want to know more about Stock Coolers, AMD & Intel CPUs, computers, and other technology-related things, then keep following this blog regularly.

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