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Can Windows 11 Run without Graphics Card? (No, but Why?)

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Before installing the Windows 11 operating system several types of question appears in the user’s mind and one of the common questions is regarding the Window 11 Graphics Card requirements.

I have already installed the Windows 11 operating system and I did some research about this and here I will answer your question.

So, Can Windows 11 Run without Graphics Card?

No! Windows 11 cannot be installed without a graphics card. According to Microsoft to run Windows 11, your PC needs a graphics card or CPU compatible with the Direct X 12 with WDDM 2.0 driver & and if your pc does not contain these things then you cannot run the Windows 11, you will get the “your PC cannot run Windows 11” message. 

After getting the answer you might be wondering how to check out whether your graphics card will support Direct X 12 or not?

How to Update to Direct X 12?

To find out whether your system is compatible with Direct X 12 or not, just open the start menu and then type the dxdiag.

This will open the Direct X diagnostic tool which will tell you in the display tab the version of Direct3D and the supported functionality level.

Well, you cannot separately install the Direct X 12 because no standalone version of Direct x 12 is available. The Direct x 12 updates are only provided via Windows updates.

To update to Direct X 12 just follow the mentioned steps below-

Step 1:

In the first step open the Windows settings by pressing the Windows logo key and l key at the same time. You can also open this separately.

Step 2:

After opening the Windows settings option click on the Update & security option.

Step 3:

After that click check for updates to download and install the updates available for your PC system. If there are updates available for Direct X 12, Windows will download and install it for you.

By following the mentioned steps you update to Direct X 12 and then can download to the Windows 11 operating systems.

What Graphics Card do you need for Windows 11?

According to Microsoft’s announcement if you want to install Windows 11 then your Computer’s graphics card needs to be compatible with the Direct X 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 Diver.

If your pc graphics card does not have this compatibility then you cannot install the Windows 11 operating system within your system.

In Conclusion:

Based on all the system requirements it can be said that if you want to install Windows 11 then you need the graphics card compatible with Direct X 12.

I hope this article is helpful for you & if you want to know more about Windows 11, Direct X 12 and other technology-related things then keep following this website constantly.

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