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Can Windows 11 Run on TPM 1.2? (Explained)

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Microsoft launched the new Windows 11 operating system, and according to the minimum system requirements of Windows 11, it will need the TPM 2.0 chip.

As most of the old computers have TPM 1.2 chips, people are asking whether Windows 11 runs on the TPM 1.2 chip or not? I have done some research about this, and here in this article, I am going to explain to you the things about the TPM 1.2 chip.

So, Can Windows 11 Run on TPM 1.2?

No! Windows 11 does not run on TPM 1.2. Microsoft confirmed that the Windows 11 operating system needs the TPM 2.0. There were several changes performed within this Windows 11 OS in terms of security and encryption. And when it comes to supporting features, the TPM 2.0 is far better than the TPM 1.2; for instance, the TPM 1.2 does not support device encryption, windows defender system guard, Secure BIo, etc. 

As you have already come to know that the Windows 11 will not run on the TPM 1.2 chip, and instead of that, you will need the TPM 2.0 chip on your pc.

In the below section, I have explained why Windows 11 does not run on the TPM 1.2 chip.

Why does Windows 11 not Run on TPM 1.2 Chip?

There were several reasons why Windows 11 needed TPM 2.0 and why it was not run on TPM 1.2; the reasons are explained below-

Encryption and Data Protection

Microsoft stated that Windows 11 would be a much more secure operating system than the previous operating systems and the TPM 2.0 presents a broad assortment of improvements. In simple terms, it is going to be faster for encryption and data protection purposes.

Can Windows 11 Run on TPM 1.2
TPM Chip 1.2

Therefore Microsoft sets the minimum system requirements of windows 11 as TPM 2.0 chip instead of TPM 1.2 chip.

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There is no doubt that the TPM 2.0 is much more reliable than the TPM 1.2 chip. Within Windows 11, Microsoft is configuring the lockout policy. Through the TPM 1.2, the executions are differed by the policy settings.


When it comes to hierarchy, then the TPM 1.2 chip only comes with the storage hierarchy, which is not enough for the Windows 11 operating system. On the other hand, the TPM 2.0 chip presents storage, platform, and endorsement hierarchy, and therefore TPM 2.0 chip is required instead of the TPM 1.2.

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Root Keys

When it comes to the root keys, the TPM 1.2 chip only supports SRK RSA- 2048, which will not be sufficient for Windows 11. While on the other hand, the TPM 2.0 supports multiple keys and algorithms of each hierarchy.


The TPM 1.2 chip utilizes PCR, HMAC, locality, and physical presence. All of these same authorization features and password protection are found in the TPM 2.0 chip, and in fact, the authorization of the TPM 2.0 chip is better than the TPM 1.2.

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The TPM 1.2 chip only supports the unstructured data while on the other hand, the TPM 2.0 supports unstructured data, Bitmap, Counter, Extend, Pin Class, and fail, and because of this, the Windows 11 is not supportable for the TPM 1.2 versions.

Additional Features

It is another vital thing; several additional and advanced features like Windows Defender System Guard, Autopilot, Device Encryption, and SecureBIO are only accessible through the TPM 2.0 chip; these features are not accessible via TPM 1.2 chip.

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The TPM 2.0 comes with various latest features compared to the TPM 1.2 chip. For instance, the TPM 1.2 presents all-purpose specifications, whereas the TPM 2.0 version comes with the platform-specific specifications, which mention which portions of the library are optional or mandatory.

Can Windows 11 Run on TPM 1.2
TPM 1.2 Chip

These are some of the crucial reasons why the TPM 1.2 chip will not be enough for Windows 11.

In ConClusion:

The TPM 2.0 chip is one of the essential system requirements for Windows 11, but you can upgrade from Windows 10 OS to Windows 11 OS without TPM, but that’s not the permanent solution at all.

I hope this article is helpful for you, and follow this website regularly for Windows 11, TPM, and other tech-related articles.

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