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Can Windows 11 Run on Low End PC? (6 Things you Should Know)

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Windows 11 launched recently, and many people ask on the internet, can Windows 11 run on my PC; here in this article, I will discuss Can Windows 11 run on a low-end PC system or not?

So, Can Windows 11 Run on Low-End PC systems?

No! Windows 11 cannot run on low-end PC systems because most of the low-end PC systems cannot match the minimum system requirement of Windows 11. The requirements include the 4 GB Ram space, TPM 2.0 chip system. UEFI firmware etc.

There are several other reasons why Windows 11 does not run on Low- End pc, and in the below section, I have explained some of the significant reasons.

Why Windows 11 Cannot be Installed on Low-End PC Systems?

Let’s check out some of the significant causes why Windows 11 cannot be installed on Low-End PC systems-

64 Bit Architecture

32 bit is a type of CPU architecture capable of transferring 32 bits of data per clock cycle. More plainly, the amount of information your CPU can process each time it operates.

According to the requirements of Windows 11, it usually needs 64-bit architecture. Still, most low-end computers come with 32-bit architectures, and therefore it does not support the Windows 11 operating system. 

Can Windows 11 Run on Low End PC

RAM Requirements

As Microsoft reveals that the new Windows 11 operating system needs 4GB of RAM (Random Access Memory) without 4GB of RAM, Windows 11 cannot be installed on computers.

Most of the old low-end PCs come with 2GB of RAM space; therefore, they can install the Windows 10 operating system, which usually requires 2GB of RAM space, but they cannot install the Windows 11.


If you want to install the Windows 11 operating system, you will need much more storage space. To install the Windows 10 operating system, you will need 20GB of storage space, but that’s impossible within Windows 11.

If you want to install the Windows 11 operating system, you need 64GB of Hard Disk space, and based on the user experience, you will at least need 1 TB of hard disk space.

So, within a low-end PC system, the 64 TB hard disk space is not available; therefore, these PCs become unable to install the Windows 11 operating system. 

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Graphics Cards

Graphics cards are an essential part of computers when it comes to CPU-intensive tasks like gaming and video editing.

Can Windows 11 Run on Low End PC
Graphics Card on Windows 11

According to the requirements of Windows 11, it usually needs to be compatible with the DirectX 12 or later graphics with a WDDM 2.0 driver. 

But most of the low-end PCs don’t come up with this graphics cards compatibility.

System Firmware

In computing, firmware is a tangible electronic component with embedded software instructions such as a BIOS, as Microsoft reveals that Windows 11 will need the UEFI, secure boot capable system firmware.

Most low-end PC systems don’t come up with this system firmware. Therefore, it becomes tough to install Windows 11.

TPM 2.0

Microsoft wants to provide much more security on this latest Windows 11 operating system, and therefore that has introduced the TPM 2.0 chip.

The term TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module, and its main job is to protect data used to authenticate the PC.

Almost all the old PCs or low-end PCs contain the TPM 1.2 chip, but the TPM 2.0 chip is not integrated; therefore, these PCs are not supporting the Windows 11 operating system. 

These are some of the significant causes, Why Windows 11 does not support low-end PC systems and old PC systems.

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Is Windows 11 Better for Low-End Computers?

No! Windows 11 will not support the low-end PC systems, and Microsoft sets some minimum system requirements, and most of the low-end PCs don’t fulfill these requirements. 

Final Thoughts:

Based on all the causes, it can be said that Windows 11 is not supportable for low-end and old PC systems, but if you match the requirements, then it can run.

I am saying that if your PC has 2GB RAM or does not have the TPM 2.0 chip, you can increase your RAM or add the TPM 2.0 chip separately and make your PC suitable for Windows 11.

I hope this article is helpful for you, and if you want to know more about Computers, Windows 11, TPM, and other technological things, then keep following this blog regularly.

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