Can Windows 11 Run Minecraft?(Answered for the Gamers)

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Minecraft is the most demandable game amongst the gamers & after the announcement of the Windows 11 operating system, many Minecraft lovers are asking that is it possible to run the Minecraft game in Windows 11?

I have installed Windows 11, and I have researched this, and here I will explain your question’s answer.

So, Can Windows 11 Run Minecraft?

Yes! the Windows 11 operating system based computers can smoothly run the Minecraft game without any lag because it matches all the system requirements of the Minecraft game. In fact, according to some gamers, Windows 11 provides better performance and higher fps for the Minecraft game compared to other Windows operating system versions. 

After getting the answer, you might be wondering why the Windows 11 operating system is suitable for Minecraft. In the below section, I have explained some of the crucial reasons why this Windows 11 is suitable for Minecraft-

Why Windows 11 is Suitable for Minecraft?

Let’s look out some of the crucial reasons why Windows 11 is suitable for Minecraft-

CPU Requirements

The minimum system requirements for the Minecraft game is Intel Core i3 3210, 3.2 GHz or AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz or equivalent.

On the other hand, the minimum system requirement for the Windows 11 operating system is one gigahertz or faster processor with two or more CPU cores on a compatible 64-bit system on a chip.

Can Windows 11 Run Minecraft
Minecraft Game

So, as you have already noticed here, the requirements of Windows 11 is mostly superior to the requirements of Minecraft; therefore, it can efficiently run this game.

RAM Requirements

If you want to run the Minecraft game on a system PC, you will need the 2GB of RAM space in your PC system.

According to Microsoft’s information, you will need the 4 GB of RAM space in your device to install Windows 11.

So, as you have noticed, Windows 11 requires more RAM space; therefore, Windows 11 based PC systems can efficiently run the Minecraft game.

Operating System Support

Minecraft is supportable with the various operating systems, and it will also be compatible with the Windows 11 operating system.

Microsoft says that Windows 11 is compatible with the Direct x 12; therefore, it will run any games so smoothly, and it can also run Minecraft without any bug.


To install Minecraft, you will need 1 GB of free space in your device to install its core and other files.

While installing Windows 11, you at least need 64 GB of space. Without this space, you cannot install windows 11.

Based on all the system requirements, it can be said Windows 11 devices can smoothly run the Minecraft game without any lags.

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How to Install Minecraft in Windows 11?

To install the Minecraft game inside your Windows 11 operating system, follow the mentioned steps below-

Step 1

In the first step, type the on any browser and then press the enter button then the official website of Minecraft will appear in front of you.

Here select the login option and create an account for free; however, you can also use your Microsoft’s login information.

Step 2

After creating the Minecraft account:

  • Navigate to the game’s option.
  • Select Minecraft.
  • Click on the gets Minecraft option.

Now select the following options one by one- Computer- PC- Select any edition from Java Edition and Windows 10 edition. 

After selecting all of these things, select download and then download for Windows, and after a few seconds, the download will start.

Step 3

After downloading, make sure to locate your Minecraft installer in your downloads folder.

After finding the installer, double click on it here; it will ask you where you want to install Minecraft, and here you have to select your hard disk drives.

Completing all of these tasks, tap on the next buttons that appear before you.

Step 4

After completing all these things, search Minecraft on your Windows search bar and open up the Microsoft launcher, and here you have to login into your Minecraft account information.

Can Windows 11 Run Minecraft
Can Windows 11 Run Minecraft

When it has been done, navigate to installations- click on new installations- here selects any icon- name the installation according to your choice- now selects the latest Minecraft version which you want to play- now click on the default directory and click on create option. 

After doing all of this stuff, you will get the play button, and now you can play the Minecraft game on your Windows 11 by clicking that button.

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Final Words:

Through this article, you know that Windows 11 can run the Minecraft game and here I also mention the steps to install that into your PC systems.

I hope this article is helpful for you & if you want to know more about the Minecraft game, Windows 11, Computers and other technology-related things, then keep following this blog regularly.

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