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Can Windows 11 Run Android Apps? (Explained)

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There were numerous advanced features were added within the windows 11 operating system and one of the most core features is running the android apps. After that lots of people were asking that can windows 11 run android apps? Yes, Microsoft has disclosed that windows 11 will be able to run the android applications. After, hearing the news lots of people have started to install the windows 11 OS, but they are not getting any kind of feature at the current moment, actually, within the beta version of Windows 11 this feature is not provided but this feature will definitely available in its official version.

So, can windows 11 run android apps? the short answer is yes, windows 11 is going to run the android apps within their pc system. And it is considering one of the biggest features of the Windows 11 operating system. And, now you can run any kind of android APK natively within your pc without any bugs. And this feature of running the android apps is not provided to the other versions of Windows OS. Therefore lots of people are also asking how windows 11 will be able to run android applications, well, in the below section I have discussed these topics in detail, so stick to the end of this article for detailed information.

Well, for beginners I want to mention that, it is not a new thing at all to run the android apps, previously we have seen the conception of emulators within windows. People have played android games by using the emulators and the games are running very smoothly on the pc system because of these emulators. And for the android applications, developers emulators are also useful there.

How Windows 11 Run Android Apps?

In the previous years, we have noticed that the IOS app support is given to the Mac OS operating system but it is only supportable for the M1 chip. And this is mainly useful for the background purpose and the iPhone processor and M1 processor are almost identical and because of these simple reasons, the IOS apps can easily be runs on mac OS. But you cannot run all the apps, you can run very fewer apps from there and use all the apps you have to need the Ipad or iPhone. But there is also a criteria that you can run few apps of IOS and fewer apps of intel Mac. This suggests that the intel processor app can run on an M1 processor.

The same story was applied by Microsoft windows and they use the IntelBridge technology of intel to perform this task. Here Microsoft has implemented the subsystem of android within windows. Previously the Linux subsystem has been implemented within the windows 10 operating system and because of that, the Linux commands can be executed to the windows power shell.

Now the android open source project is integrated into Windows 11 operating system and for that, you dont have the emulator. And users can easily run the android apps within pc system without doing any kind of emulation.

Well, that doesn’t mean that you cannot use the emulator within your pc but Microsoft provides a very special path and it is a more advanced path than using the emulator.

The windows 11 insider is installed by lots of people but as time progresses the new features will appear within windows 11 and the old CPUs will be unable to handle these features. And there might be some possibility that the android app supports can be seen within only android apps. And these android apps will run on both the processor’s intel processors as well as for the AMD processors.

And if you properly compare the emulator like Bluestack or some other emulators then there the emulation process has been performed for the whole device but here in windows 11, the emulation part is totally decreased. If you noticed the emulation process then you will see that emulation works very good manner within those systems whose hardware is very good.

And windows 11 OS will run on those systems whose hardware is good. Actually, Microsoft is talking with google that within the windows system they will integrate the android app support as well as the google play services support. But google refuses this proposal and they tell that they only reserve the google play service for android and therefore Microsoft takes the android of google and modifies that little bit and integrates that within in surface duo.

Besides that within windows, 11 OS people will use the Amazon apps and by using the Amazon app store the apps can easily be downloaded and installed into pc and through this feature, you will see the android apps. Besides that here you will see the supports of APK and therefore you can very easily install the third-party APK to your systems.

Although the beta version of Windows 11 launched, but within this beta version of windows 11 we cannot install the APK files of windows 11, and the Amazon app store is not totally integrated with this windows 11. And this is mainly because this feature is not totally rollout within this insider version, and it can be assumed that within few months this feature will be enabled by Microsoft.

This is how the windows 11 operating system is going to run the android apps and games within their pc system without using any kind of emulators or emulations.

In Conclusion:

In this article, I have discussed can windows 11 run android apps or not? and based on all the facts it can be said that you can easily run the android apps within windows 11 pc but within the beta version of Windows 11 this feature is not given.

And besides that here I also explain how windows 11 OS will run the android application, I hope you have liked this article, and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section, and dont forget to share this article with your friends. And follow this website regularly for these kinds of informational and helpful articles.