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Can Python Run on Android? [Answered]

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Well, Python has emerged as one of the best programming languages at the current time. It is a general-purpose and high-level programming language that can be used in several areas. Such as it can be used in Data Science, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence as well as in web development. It is such an essential programming language for the programmers which almost suitable in every operating system such as in Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. One of the most common questions that appear in people’s minds that can python run on android? in this article I will discuss this topic in detail, so read this entire article for detailed information.

So, can python run on android? the brief answer is yes python can be run on android. But to use python within your android mobile you have to install some applications. And Pydroid is one of the best apps which is used to run python within android devices. It is an interpreter which allows us to executes codes or programs within our android system. To know more read this entire article here I share more information about this topic.

Can Python Run on Android Phone? (Explained)

In this section, I will explain how you will able to do Python or run Python on an android phone, and the regarding questions that appear in programmers mind and besides that here I also states what are the advantages and disadvantages of running the python within android.

First of all, you have to install the Pydroid applications within your android and therefore open the play store app within your phone search for the Pydroid applications and install that within your phone.

And before using this app I want to mention, this app doesn’t provide you all the features of professional development but it is a helpful app for you to learn Python and practice the app. So, if you don’t have any choice then you can go for this application.

How to Run Python within Android Phone?

To run the Python within your android phone you have to follow some of the essential steps and here I mention those essential steps.

Step 1:

In step 1 you have to go to your android play store app and from there you have to search about the Pydroid app and you have to install that app within your android phone.

Step 2:

Once you have installed the app then you have to open the app and click on the open button. After that, it started to install the python inside that app. Once the installing process complete then you can write the code within this app.

How to use Pydroid App within your Phone to Practice Python?

Well, the interface of the Pydroid app is really attractive and it is very easy to use, till if you are confused about how to use this app and how to run Python within this android app then, here I provide some of the essential tips about using this.

Get Premium:

Although this app is free to use till there are some useful libraries are available within this application which you cant use freely. And you have to pay for getting this feature and you have to take the premium version of this app.


If you are a beginner Python programmer you can watch the samples or syntaxes of this programming. There are several syntaxes are available which you can access from this section.

Get more IDEs:

From this section, you can access similar Python IDEs(Integrated Development Environment), and it will take you to the play store from where you can download the other IDEs.

Undo and Redo:

The Undo and Redo option is also given here which you can access. If you want to go in the previous steps then click on the undo option and if you want to visit forward steps then go for the redo option.


This is another useful area and from here you can search for any code lines.

Go to Line:

If you have written multiple lines of codes then it will be a difficult task to visit a particular line. So you can go to any particular line from here.

Essential Features of the Pydroid App

There are some essential features of using the pydroid applications within your android phone and here I mention those features-

  • This application does not need any internet connection to run the python applications within the android phone.
  • You can access the Tensorflow and Pytorch from this application.
  • The auto-indentation features are embedded within this application and therefore it is very easy to use.
  • This editor also provides the features of syntax highlighting.
  • You can run several tabs within this same IDE.

These are some of the features that you can access freely and other numerous features are also available which you can also use within the paid version of this app.

Pros of Running the Python code within Android

Well, one of the most important virtues that every programmer should have is the practice of coding or practicing programming. As a programmer, you have to practice the codes every time you want.

So, whenever you are not at home you will not able to access your laptop or computer at that time you can use your mobile and you can practice the programming. Therefore if you install the Python applications within mobile phones then it will be very beneficial for you to improve and boosts your coding or programming skills.

Cons of Running the Python code within Android

There are no such major cons of running the python codes within android but I want to mention that if you want to become a professional python developer then these apps are not always helpful for you. Yes, you can practice the codes within android but from here you cannot access all the features. Therefore you have to go for windows, mac, Linux, or other operating systems.

Last Verdict:

In the upper section, I have mentioned how can python run on android? however, besides that, I also want to states that these apps are useful if you want to learn and practice Python but if you want to become a professional developer then these apps are not for you. Then you have to practice the Python code within a computer or laptop.

I hope you have liked this article and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section. and please follow our website regularly for this kind of informational article.

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