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Can PSU Cause Stuttering? (5 Things You Should Know)

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Many PC users are worried about screen stuttering and game stuttering issues. There are different reasons behind these stuttering issues, but many users are confused about whether the power supply causes these stuttering issues or not?

I did a complete analysis of PSU’s impact on game stuttering and screen stuttering, and here in this article, I will give you a detailed explanation.

Here’s Can A Bad PSU Cause Stuttering?

Yes! An inadequate power supply can cause stuttering; not only that, an inadequate PSU can literally kill your other hardware components. 

In fact, a power supply is the only part of our system that can damage the other PC components.

But a bad power supply is not the only factor that can cause the stuttering issues; there are other factors as well.

So, if you are facing game stuttering issues, then you should check game settings, background running applications, ventilation issues, the amount of RAM you have, the speed of the hard drive, the GPU & CPU, or the drivers. All of these factors can cause stuttering either singularly or combined.

But the fact is that most of these hardware components are attached to the power supply, and it is the primary power source for all the components. Now, if it’s not capable enough to supply the necessary power for your components, then the stuttering issues will randomly appear.

If something like this happens, the experts doubt that PSU is causing this stuttering issue.

Why Does PSU Cause Stuttering Issues?

If your power supply becomes too old or inadequate to supply the required power to the system components, it will cause stuttering issues.

But as I already explained, whenever something like this happens, you need to check your storage, graphics, and CPU because these are the primary reasons behind stuttering.

Moreover, a bottleneck can be another cause of stuttering. Suppose you had a brilliant graphics card and a high amount of RAM, but the processor was slow and from the older generation. This bottleneck did not allow the RAM and Graphics to do their job.

Another thing that could happen is that if your GPU is not getting enough power from your PSU for some reason, it can cause different problems, including stuttering. The power supply cables may be the main culprit in this scenario.

So, overall if you are facing game stuttering or screen stuttering issues, then you should check all your hardware components, especially the power supply, because if your PSU is inadequate, then all the hardware will suffer from poor performance.

PSU Causing Micro Stuttering

Many peoples face micro stuttering issues, but they want to know whether the power supply causes these issues or not.

Although PSUs can cause stuttering issues, they are more severe than micro stuttering. Sometimes a bad PSU can also cause random shutdown or restart issues.

So, suppose you are facing such micro stuttering issues. In that case, initially, you need to focus on the drivers, overheating, faulty memory, and Balance between CPU, RAM (Dual Channel), and graphics card.

I want to tell you my friend’s story; he gets micro stutter issues every few minutes when playing games. He has tried everything, including formating of drives, disabling numerous things, Undervolting, etc. Later he suspects that his power supply is the main culprit.

But, when he dived deeper into this problem, he explored that the bad video card was causing it.

That’s why I am suggesting that if you are facing the micro stuttering issue, you should check the other critical factor instead of only the power supply because a bad PSU will cause severe problems like huge stuttering issues, BSoD issues or the system will completely shut down.

Can A Low Watt PSU Cause Stuttering?

Yes! A low-watt power supply can cause screen stuttering or game stuttering issues because these PSUs are not capable enough to supply enough power to their components. 

In fact, a low-watt power supply can fry your system’s components like your motherboard.

Because of this reason, expert PC builders always recommend picking the power supply at the end of your build.

You should check all your components’ power wattage; based on that, you need to pick the correct power supply. It’s also advised that you choose a power supply that is 30 more in power than your system’s overall wattage.

If you are unsure about what wattage PSU you need, then you can use the- PCpartpicker website, which will guide you to select the correct wattage power supply.

If you are planning to buy a new and strong power supply, then you can go for the brands like Corsair, Cooler Master, Seasonic, EVGA, and Thermaltake.

Bad PSU: Stuttering in Games

Many gamers are countering low fps and stuttering issues while playing games; therefore, they think their power supply is causing this problem.

Hardware issues are such a common reason for the game stuttering, but that doesn’t mean that the power supply causes these stuttering issues.

Whenever something like this happens, you need to check your CPU and the GPU because these are the primary reasons behind the game stuttering issue.

However, if your power supply is sufficient, you should check your PSU cables because if the cables are not perfect, then your GPU or CPU will not get enough power to perform.

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Final Thoughts

Based on all the things, it’s clear that screen or game stuttering issues can appear for many reasons, and a faulty power supply can be one of those reasons. But before checking the PSU, you should also check your other hardware components, like GPU, CPU, Video Card, Motherboard, etc.

I hope this article is helpful for you, and if you want to know more about the power supply, stuttering issues, Different PC components, and other tech-related, this then follows this blog regularly.

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