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Can PSU Cause Crashes? (6 Things You Should Know)

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A computer crashing occurs when the operating system or a computer application stops functioning correctly, there are various reasons behind crashing. Here we will discuss whether a power supply causes a crashing issue or not?

I researched this topic hours after hours, and after doing a complete analysis, I am writing this article to give you a detailed explanation.

So, Can PSU Cause Crashes?

Yes! A bad power supply can cause computer crashes. Not only faulty PSU, but if your PSU is too weak to supply power to other PC components, it causes crashing issues.

Moreover, a high-end graphics card and low-powered power supply can cause crashing issues.

Can Faulty Power Supply Crash Computer?

Yes! A faulty power supply can crash a computer. Usually, a computer crash occurs because of errors in the operating system, software, and hardware.

The hardware errors are tough to diagnose because a computer is made of different hardware components.

The power supply is one of the critical hardware components of our system because it provides the necessary power to all the system components.

All the computer hardware can cause crashing, but a faulty power supply is one of them. The proper way to check why this problem occurs is to pay attention to when your computer crashes.

Sometimes computer requires more power, and if your computer crashes when it needs more power, then there is a good chance that the power supply is causing the crashing.

Moreover, suppose your computer crashes, and your power supply generates a noisy signal, or it represents the power-related blue screens or sudden shutdown issues; even in that case, your power supply is causing the crashing problem.

The easiest way to fix this issue is by buying a new power supply; buying a new one by calculating your power requirements will eventually solve your crashing problems.

Can A Bad Power Supply Crash Games?

If you are facing game crashing issues during games, there can be various reasons behind this, and a bad power supply can be one of those reasons.

If your PSU is causing the game to crash, then it will not just crash the game instead; it will also bring the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) issue. 

Moreover, if your power supply is malfunctioning, it either has high voltage variations or is simply unable to deliver enough power. In both cases, your system will either shut down or reboot.

However, sometimes if you have a power supply that is not strong enough for the graphics card you had, then the power supply cannot supply enough juice to the card. This happens because PSU is commonly linked to the graphics adapter demanding more power than available.

So, if your PSU is too weak, then it can cause the game crashing issues, the easiest way to fix this; is to upgrade to the power supply capable of providing enough power to the game.

Power Supply Causing GPU to Crash

Many people wonder whether a power supply crashes a GPU or not?

The simple answer to this question is yes; the power supply can cause GPU to crash. If the PSU is overloaded and the GPU gets overclocked, then the GPU becomes overheated, and it can crash. 

Even it can cause a crashing issue if your PSU is too weak and unable to supply the required power to the GPU.

That’s why it is recommended to pick a branded power supply instead of buying a cheap one that will protect you from crashing issues.

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Can A Low Watt PSU Cause Crashes?

Yes! A low-watt power supply can cause crashes. If your power supply is too weak, then it will be unable to supply the needed power to the system’s components, which can cause a crash. 

PSU is the primary power source for computers, and if it is too weak, then unlike crashing, it can cause other PC issues like – Shutdown or Restart issues or BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) issues.

How To Know If the PSU is Causing Crashes?

A computer crashing has different reasons, some of them related to operating systems while others may relate to the software and hardware issues.

It’s challenging to diagnosticate the hardware causes of crashing, but there are some indications in which you can understand whether the power supply is causing this problem or not.

If your computer is constantly crashing and your PSU is generating too much noise, it indicates that your PSU is causing the issue.

However, if you are facing the BSOD or constantly restarting issues during game crashing, it indicates that your PSU is causing this issue.

All Games Crashing: Is It PSU Error?

If all the games are crashing, then it could be either drivers or the graphics. But if you are facing the BSOD, Constantly reboot, restart issues, then it is due to the power supply error.

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Final Thoughts

Based on all the facts, it’s clear that a faulty or too weak power supply can cause crashing issues. That’s why experts recommend picking a good brand’s power supply.

I hope this article is helpful for you and clears all of your doubts. If you want to learn more about PSUs, PC Components, and other technology-related things, then follow this blog regularly.