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Can PSU Cause Black Screen? (Explained For Beginners)

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While running the computer system, people face different screen issues & black screen is one of those issues. But people are confused about whether this problem occurs due to a faulty power supply or not?

After doing a ton of research about this topic, I am writing this article to inform you whether your PSU is causing the Black Screen issue or not.

So, Can PSU Cause Black Screen?

The black screen issue occurs for several reasons, and an insufficient power supply can be one of those reasons. It would be best if you had checked all the reasons to diagnose this problem.

If you identify that your power supply is causing this black screen issue, then the only way to fix this issue is by replacing your power supply.

What Are Black Screen Issues?

People have always heard about the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) issue, but besides this issue, there is another common screen issue known as the Black Screen issue.

The Black Screen issues are more challenging to diagnose because it does not display any error message, it only displays a black screen.

There are various reasons behind why black screen issues appear, and here I mention some of those reasons-

  • Corrupted Graphics Driver Errors
  • A faulty GPU
  • Operating System Errors
  • Software Issues
  • Display Issues
  • Overheating
  • Power Supply Issues
  • PSU cable is not connected

These are some of the reasons that can cause the black screen issues.

How To Know if PSU is Causing the Black Screen Issue?

It’s challenging to identify whether the black screen issue is appearing because of the power supply or not because besides a power supply, other problems can also cause the black screen issues.

However, if you are using a too weak power supply, then it can cause this problem, and you need to replace the power supply.

But if you use a well-capable 700 to 850W power supply, you should check some other factors before replacing the PSU.

Sometimes no-fault remains inside your PSU. Having a power-hungry video card or processor can sometimes impact the power supply.

Another thing that could happen is that your PSU fails, and it cannot deliver the voltage necessary to run your system.

You also have to check the overheating issues; if you check all the factors and nothing is overheating, then the power supply would be the main culprit.

If the power supply is causing the issue, then the only way to fix this issue is by replacing the power supply.

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Black Screen When Gaming: Is it PSU Error?

Yes! A bad or faulty power supply can cause a black screen issue while playing games. But there can be various other reasons behind this. 

A bad graphics card can also cause the same issue, and it’s challenging to find out which hardware components are causing this issue.

One of my friends was using a 650W PSU with GTX 970 graphics, but he faced this problem whenever he played games. He often complains that his screen goes black out and sound continues to play background. This has happened with every game he has tried.

Later he decided to replace his PSU; he bought a new 850W PSU which resolved his problem.

So, you can replace your PSU, which will eventually resolve your problem, but before making any discussion about replacing the PSU, you have to make sure that your graphics card is fine.

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Black Screen Issue: Is it an Indication of PSU Failure?

No! The black screen issue doesn’t always indicate that the power supply is failed; other reasons can cause the same black screen issue. 

Other factors like CPU or GPU issues, software issues, and overheating issues can also cause the black screen issue.

But you need to check your PSU at least once because if your PSU cannot supply the required power to the graphics, then this black screen issue can occur.

New PSU Black Screen Issues

If you just replaced your power supply and are getting the black screen issue, it is not due to your PSU. Instead, you should have to check the other things as well. 

If you just replace the power supply, you should check your Windows, Graphics, Drivers, RAM, and overheating factor.

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Final Thoughts

So, it is clear that a faulty PSU can cause the black screen issues, but if you are facing this problem after replacing the power supply, it is not your PSU that is causing the problem; it is something else.

I hope this article is helpful for you. If you want to know more about these black screen issues, Power supplies, PC components, and other technology-related things, then follow this blog regularly.