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Can PSU Cables Go Bad? (4 Things You Should Check)

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A power supply can go wrong, but before replacing it, you should check its cables because sometimes PSU cables can be the main culprit.

I have been doing PC building for the last four years and have seen this issue multiple times. Here in this article, I will explain why PSU cables go bad, How You will know that, What to do if PSU cables go bad, and many other things. So, keep reading this article till the end.

Here’s Do Power Supply Cables Go Bad?

Yes! The power supply cables can go bad over the period. In fact, excessive heat, chemicals, and overloading issues can also damage the PSU cables. 

Moreover, if you pick such a cheap power supply, then the PSU cables can be damaged under heavy load.

Another thing that could happen is if you do not install the power supply properly inside the PC case or plug the cables in the wrong spot, it can cause severe problems, including the components and cable damage.

All the reasons that will cause the damage to the PSU cables are explained below, so read the entire article to protect your PSU cables from damage.

Why Do Power Supply Cables Goes Bad?

Here we will explore four reasons why the power supply cables go bad. So, let’s take a look-


Age is the first thing we need to look out for because, over time, everything loses its efficacy & efficiency. The same thing is also applied here.

If your PSU is too old, then it’s obvious that the cables might not work efficiently. So, if you have an old PSU, then you should check its cables first before replacing the PSU itself.

Exessive Heat or Bad Ventilation

Bad ventilation or failure increases the heat inside the PC components, which can cause severe problems, including component damage.

Besides that, due to bad ventilation, temperatures increase inside your system components, and the PSU cables can’t operate under extreme temperatures; therefore, it becomes faulty. The temperature increase is the most reason behind PC cable failures.


Chemicals are always responsible for causing severe damage to the functionality of the cable. Now, you might be wondering why I mention the chemicals point here.

Generally, many users use the computer while smoking cigarettes. A cigarette is a combination of more than 7000 chemicals.

If anyone smokes while running computers, the chemicals can negatively impact the PC cables, including the power supply cables.


If you buy such a low-budget power supply, its cables might not be designed to handle overloading.

Some intentional or unintentional power spikes or voltage drops bring the extra load to the power supply cables. If it is not sufficient enough, then it will be impacted by the overloading.

These are some of the critical reasons which can damage the PSU cables. Except for the age factor, we can control all the other factors like- the chemical factor, overloading, and the overheating issue.

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How To Know If The Power Supply Cable is Bad?

It’s tough to diagnose whether the power supply is inadequate or the PSU cable is bad because both will cause similar issues.

If you buy a new power supply with a suitable wattage, but if you are facing the issues like random computer crashes, random blue screen issues, the PC won’t start, or the recurring failure of PC components issue, then it’s an indication that your PSU cables are the main culprit.

However, if you are using a low-budget PSU and you are facing these issues, then you need to check your PSU first instead of focusing on the power supply cables.

What To Do: If PSU Cables Goes Bad?

If your power supply is in perfect condition and you are sure that your power supply cables have become faulty, then the first thing you need to do is borrow the power cable from somewhere; if it solves the problem, then it’s okay; just use another set of cables.

But, if the cable doesn’t solve the problem, then you should immediately replace the power supply.

Can Power Supply Cables Damage PSU?

Yes! Power Supply cables can damage the PSUs if you are not using the appropriate cables for your PSUs. 

Generally, it’s always better to use those cables that come with the PSUs, but if you have to replace the cable for any reason, then you need to purchase the cables based on your PSU cables and specifications.

But, if you use the wrong cables, then two things can happen to you. The first thing it could happen is that the cables won’t work with the PSU.

Secondly, a worst-case scenario could damage your power supply and other system components like the motherboard. 

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Can A Failed PSU Break The Power Cables?

Yes! A failed power supply can cause different PC problems and break the PSU cables. 

But, it is never recommended by the experts to use the cables of a failed power supply; instead, it is recommended to use a suitable power supply of a recognized brand.

PSU Cable Melted: Is It Bad Power Supply or Bad Cables?

Many beginner PC builders face this kind of issue. I faced the same issue when I was new to this domain. Here I will answer this by telling my PC building story.

A few years ago, I was building a PC for my friend, and after the completion of the PC building, I was running some software to test the building and reliability.

But after 30- minutes I smelled that something was burning and I came to know that my PSU cables had melted.

Initially, I suspected my power supply was causing this problem because I am using a cheap power supply, which is an extremely budget PC build.

But when I dived deeper into this issue, I came to know that a faulty PSU cable was causing this issue. Somehow the PSU cables become too hot, and it is causing this issue.

Therefore I recommend that before replacing the power supply, you should check the PSU cables to see whether there are any faults in these cables or not; another thing you need to check is whether the cable is designed for the required wattage or not. 

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Final Thoughts

Based on all the causes, it’s clear that the power supply cables can go bad, but before ensuring this, you need to check your PSU with another set of cables; if it works, replace the cables by pointing to the PSU model and specifications.

But, if the cables don’t work, then it might be a power supply issue, and you should immediately replace the PSU.

I hope this article is helpful for you and if you want to know more about the PSU and its Cables, Different PC components, and other technology-related facts, then follow this blog regularly.


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