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Can PSU Affect Performance? (My Personal Experience)

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Many beginner computer users often wonder whether having an inadequate Power Supply will affect the PC performance or not. If you are also wondering about this, then you are in the right place.

After using several Power Supplies over the last couple of years here, I will discuss how much a Power Supply can affect your PC performance. So, keep reading this article till the end.

Does PSU Affect Overall PC Performance?

Power Supply is one of the most critical components inside our PC system, and it converts the wall AC to DC and supplies the required power to all the different PC components.

Now, if you have a PSU that is insufficient to supply the required power to all the PC components attached to it, then the performance will be negatively affected. Moreover, if your PSU doesn’t have sufficient wattage, you will face lots of PC issues like freezes, crashes, restarting issues or GPU not working, etc.

But, if you have a sufficient PSU, then upgrading the Power Supply to a higher wattage will not give you any performance benefits.

In concise, it can be said that as long as your PSU is powerful enough, then adding more watts to it doesn’t change any computer function and doesn’t increase the PC performance.

Can A Bad PSU Affect Performance?

Yes! An inadequate Power Supply can affect the performance, and there are various reasons behind why a Power Supply goes bad, the most probable cause would be Broken MLCC components, long mounting PCB screws, and damaged ICs & FETs because of soldering wave issues.

Usually, when the Power Supply goes bad, it cannot supply the required power to the different PC components, and as a result, the components don’t get sufficient power.

This is how a bad Power Supply can affect the performance; not just it affects the performance, but it may cause various PC problems. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms that will eventually tell you that your PSU is damaging-

  • PC Not Booting At All
  • PC Randomly shuts down or PC Restarting Issues
  • Random BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) Issue
  • Heavy noise from the PC case.

These are some of the signs that would tell you that your Power Supply is degrading slowly or it is damaging slowly.

Can Power Supply Affect Monitor Performance?

Yes! An insufficient or faulty Power Supply can affect the Monitor’s performance. If something like this happens, you will notice flashing or displaying dots issues, indicating that your PC is not getting enough power from the Power Supply Unit.

Moreover, the insufficient PSU can cause the CPU & GPU to render screen displays inconsistently. Due to these rendering issues also, the Monitor’s performance gets affected.

Does PSU Affect CPU Performance?

A Bad Power Supply can do several damages to our PC systems, but there is not much connection between the PSU wattage and the CPU performance.

I meant to say that a CPU does not take as much power from the Power Supply as GPU does, and therefore the CPU performance is not too much affected by the PSU wattage.

But as we all know, a Power Supply is an integral part of any PC component, and when our PSU goes bad, it takes several other components.

For instance, when a Power Supply gets too old or becomes completely damaged, it can enhance the CPU temperature to an extreme point.

When the CPU temperature is at its extreme point, then it can’t function properly. So, this is how your CPU performance could be affected by your Power Supply. Let’s explore How PSU is affecting the CPU temperature in detail.

Can Power Supply Affect RAM Performance?

Having A low watts Power Supply doesn’t impact the RAM performance, but if the PSU gets faulty, then it would affect the RAM performance.

So, if you use a bad Power Supply for an extended period, then it could give you RAM errors and affect the RAM performance. But it will not damage your system’s RAM.

Can Power Supply Affect Gameplay?

Yes! A Power Supply can negatively affect the gaming performance if it is insufficient to supply the required power to the PC components. 

Gamers always require high-end graphics cards and these cards consume more power than normal; therefore, if you use a cheap Power Supply to provide the power to high graphics cards, then it won’t be able to do that. As a result, your gameplay will be impacted.

Moreover, if your Power Supply is failing, then it can also bring bad gaming performance. Sometimes, the PSU cables go bad or melt, and as a consequence of this melted cable, your Power Supply can also be affected.

So, overall it has to be said that an insufficient power supply will affect your gaming performance.

Does Power Supply Affect Internet?

No! A Bad Power Supply would not affect the Internet speed, but it could affect the other hardware components like the Motherboard, Harddisk, RAM, SSD and other PC components. 

The Power Supply quality decides the internet speed; it is decided by the isp (Internet Service Provider). Viruses are another major cause behind why the internet speed decreased, and the only way to cure this problem is by installing anti viruses like- Quick Heal.

Moreover, if you are using a Power Supply that came with the modem, then there shouldn’t be any problem. For example, if your modem is supposed to use 12 volt supply and you decide to use a 9-volt supply, then yes, it could affect the Internet speed.

Does PSU Affect Coil Whine?

According to howtogeek.com, Coil Whine refers to an undesirable noise emitted by an electronic component vibrating as power runs through an electrical cable.

Coli Whine mainly occurs in two PC components, the GPU and inside the PSU. This coil whine occurs when there are too many overloads, and the current passes through the inductor coils at high speed.

If you increase the CPU performance and run the light titles with no frame limit, the GPU tends to have excessive coil whine.

When it comes to the Power Supply, then it could also bring the Coil Whine issue of its own and moreover, having an oversized PSU could be the reason behind this.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I want to summarize everything for you that a Power Supply is a critical component of PC systems. If it gets faulty, then it will affect overall PC performance negatively.

I hope this article is helpful for you and clear all of your doubts; if you want to know more about the Power Supply and its performance and other PC components, then follow this blog regularly.


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