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Can I Install Android 12? (Answered)

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This is one of the most common questions that has been asked by people after the announcement of Android 12. Google says that the Android 12 is going to launch, and it is going to be the 19th version of android and it was developed by Google.

The first beta version of android was released in the month of May 2021. And I have installed that beta version and in this article, I am going to discuss the query of can I install android 12 or not, and besides that, I also going to discuss should I install android 12 or not? So, stick to the end of this article for getting the answers to these queries.

So, can I install android 12? the short answer is yes, you can definitely install the beta version of Android 12. The original version of android 12 has not launched yet but its developer version and three major beta version has released. And you can easily download any of these versions of android 12 to check the features of android 12. To download the beta version or developers versions, you just have to visit the official website of android. And after visiting this website you can easily download the android 12 versions and from here you can also download the official version after its release.

I hope you already get the answer about can you download android 12 or not, now in the below section, I have discussed should you install android 12 or not? so, keep reading this article to the end.

Should I Install Android 12?

Although the android 12 beta versions and developer version have already been released till not many people were installing this android 12. This is mainly because they are in confusion should they install android 12 or not.

Well, I have also suffered from this confusion about should I install android 12 or not?, but I have several mobile phones and therefore I install android 12 within my one mobile phone and after installing the Android 12, I get some useful and advanced features which are really helpful for me. And within android 12 some majors changes have been performed on its privacy, user interfaces, and on its platforms. So, if you want to access these features then you can definitely upgrade to android 12.

Having said that, it also can be said that Google has not launched the official version of android 12 and therefore now you will only get the beta versions and developers versions, so if you want to get these versions then you can also install the Android 12.

But if you truly ask me about should you install android 12, then I suggest that if you have multiple pixels mobile phones then you can install android 12 to see its features and after seeing its features I guarantee you that you will love this android 12. But if you only have one pixel then dont upgrade to android 12.

Because whenever the android released its versions it is filled with lots of bugs and as a user, these bugs are really annoying for us. So, if you dont want to update to android 12 then it is absolutely ok, just wait until the release of its official version, and after releasing its official version you can definitely update to android 12.

In Conclusion:

In this article, I have discussed can I install android 12 and should I install android 12 and based on all the facts it can be said that you can definitely install the android 12 bets & developer version and if you dont want to upgrade then you can definitely wait for its official version.

I hope you have liked this article, and if you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comment section. And if this article is helpful for you then share this article and follow this website regularly for these kinds of informational and helpful articles.

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