11 Best Youtube Channel for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become one of the most gleaming career options for students, it provides numerous scopes and opportunities for the students to built their career. And in this article I am going to discuss some of the best youtube channel for digital marketing. So, keep reading this article to the end for detailed information.


Backlinko is one of the most prevalent digital marketing YouTube channels. This channel is all about teaching furiously actionable SEO, link building, and content marketing strategies. 

The owner of this YouTube channel is Brian Dean, and this YouTube channel has 44K subscribers, including five playlists that cover separate digital marketing topics. This channel started in the year of 2013. And more than 12,659,560 people viewed this channel.

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Chefs are arguably one of the best SEO software suites, and it is considered one of the best youtube channels. Marketing professionals around the world use it.

This YouTube channel has 255K subscribers. And this channel has 20 playlists that cover different digital marketing topics. The track started in the year of Aug 9, 2015. And more than 11,933,832 people viewed this channel. 

This channel is beneficial for digital marketing, and I recommend watching it at least once because it covers separate digital marketing topics.

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This channel focuses on search engine optimization and inbound marketing. This channel is very effective for digital marketing. The Moz youtube channel has about 79.5K subscribers. And more than 2,727,768 people viewed this channel. This youtube channel has Fifteen(15) playlists that cover diverse digital marketing topics.

It is stated that it is the most trustworthy online marketing community. This channel started posting on May 22, 2021. It is an excellent platform for beginners to learn all about SEO. It provides various tips that benefit you to enhance your knowledge about search engine optimization. 

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Google Analytics

First of all, this is the official channel for GOOGLE ANALYTICS, Where you’ll find videos and product tips for multiple Google products, Including Analytics, Data Studio, Optimize, Survey, and Tag Manager.

This YouTube channel has 368K subscribers, including 31 playlists for multitype of ideas. The youtube channel started posting on Feb 25, 2008. And more than 48,542,962 people viewed this channel.

This channel is essential for digital marketing. And you can use and follow their services to better your digital marketing efforts.

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SEMrush is another excellent source for digital marketing professionals. Their Youtube Channel is top-notch for learning about digital marketing (learning about their tools). 

This youtube channel has 88.2k subscribers, including 13 playlists, and tries to convey all kinds of information through short youtube videos. This youtube channel started posting on Apr 9, 2014. And more than 12,290,893 people inspected this channel. If you want to know about digital marketing, you can watch this channel at least once.

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Hubspot is a leading source for inbound marketing techniques. This channel is all about blogs, social media, and search analysis. Here you will learn how to produce the right content precisely.

This youtube channel has160K subscribers, and it has FIFTY-SEVEN (57) playlists. This channel started posting on Apr 23, 2007. And more than 18,577,901 people viewed this channel.

This youtube channel is very convenient for digital marketing information. It is very beneficial for beginners. Everything is explained via short videos on this youtube channel which are preferable for beginners.

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Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the founders of the world of digital marketing. He is also the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and Kissmetrics. His Youtube channel offers marketing tutorial playlists on Instagram, Youtube video SEO, Email marketing, SEO, and more.

This youtube channel has 943K subscribers, including FORTY-EIGHT (48) playlists. This youtube channel started posting on Aug 19, 2011. And more than 41,370,595 people viewed this channel.

This Youtube channel is very suitable for beginners, and this channel has taught in great detail marketing through concise videos. You can Join this YouTube channel, and here you will get various courses for free.  

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Koozai Channel

Koozai is one of the most successful digital marketing youtube channels, which is apparent from the number of consumers.

With the guidance of this website, you can communicate with digital marketing specialists. 

Here you will learn about different subjects such as SEO, EPC content marketing, and the improvement of social media. 

This youtube channel has 12.3K subscribers, and this channel has Twelve (12) playlists. This youtube channel started posting on May 21, 2007. And more than 1,358,654 people viewed this channel. Digital marketing is beautifully explained on this YouTube channel through compact videos, and all the videos on this YouTube channel will be beneficial to digital marketers.

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Digital Marketing Institute Channel

This Digital Marketing Institute channel offers much more in terms of your personal development through the journey. It features a wide variety of videos that explain why you need their digital marketing courses. In addition, This channel uses different teaching methods, which makes the learning process fun and exciting.

This youtube channel has 12.8K subscribers, including ELEVEN(11) playlists. This youtube channel started posting on Jun 7, 2009. And more than 97,817people viewed this channel.

This Youtube channel is precious for beginners. This YouTube channel has taught in great detail marketing through concise videos. You can Join this YouTube channel to learn various courses for free of cost.

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Unbounce has a hugely important role to play in the world of digital marketing and is the landing page platform for website builders. 

This youtube channel covers every topic of digital marketing. You will get dozens of videos on this channel, and besides that, you will also get various webinars.

They also have a stellar blog section on their website that goes into even more detail with ticks, examples of landing pages that convert much more things.

This youtube channel has 13.3k subscribers and has a THIRTEEN(13) playlist. Unbounce youtube channel started on May 7, 2003, and this youtube channel has gains 38 MILLION views. It is an excellent channel for beginners. All the details of digital marketing are explained wonderfully through concise videos on this channel.

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It is a top-rated agency which is situated in southern California. It produces content about SEO, web design, and development. From this channel, you will learn about marketing strategies. This channel also delivers content in video format. You will always learn new topics in this channel regarding website ranking.

This youtube channel has over 800 subscribers, and there are six (6) playlists on this channel. The youtube channel was launched in 2014, And this channel has over a thousand viewers. Nowadays, this youtube channel has become very popular among digital marketers. The youtube channel is excellent for those who require learning new digital marketing.

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In Conclusion:

These are some of the best youtube channel for digital marketing and you can follow these channel to learn about the digital marketing skills. I hope, you have liked this article an dif you have any kind of query then you can ask me in the comments sections and follow this website regularly for these kinds of informational and helpful articles.