5 Best Screen Recorders for Windows PC

Screen recorder tools are efficient and helpful in making various tutorials and course videos, and sometimes people use them during an intense video game session. There are a lot of different screen recorders on the market. This article will cover the best paid and free screen recorders for you to use. 

Since several of these screen recording tools work online, you would need a stable internet connection; otherwise, the software may crash during video recording. For that, we recommend you Mediacom. Contact Mediacom customer service for a strong and reliable internet subscription.

Below mentioned are the top screen recorder for pc. Read on to learn.  

1. OBS

Price: Free

OBS is a well-known video recording as well as a live streaming software. Avid gamers highly favour it to broadcast their live gameplay videos. With OBS Studio, you can capture the entire window display. 

A great feature of OBS software is that it allows you to choose which desktop applications and sound sources you want to share in terms of streaming. The software leaves no watermark or has any time limit. 

Although OBS Studio is a useful application for recording screen images, it does not include a video editor. You will need another software if you wish to edit the video you have recorded.

A precautionary tip since OBS Studio is open-source software, do not download the application from any other site than the official website.


  • It has zero recording limits
  • No watermark
  • Supports multiple streaming services


  • It is quite tricky for first-time users
  • It crashes quite frequently


Price: $39.95/free version

AceThinker is a web-based screen recorder that is simple to set up and use. The program lets you modify and then save video recordings using all the most popular formats for videos, such as MOV, MP4, and API.

Furthermore, it is possible to record a particular screen portion, or you can record the entire screen; it is up to you. You can make real-time edits to create a captivating video and record audio from your microphone and your computer simultaneously.


  • It offers multiple video formats
  • You can upload your videos directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or YouTube
  • You can create scheduled tasks


  • The free version has limited features

3. Free Cam

Price: Free

Free Cam is a basic free screen recorder with an integrated audio/video editor. The user-friendly and attractive interface lets you record the entire screen or a part of the screen.

This software does not leave any watermarks and is free. It is ideal for first-time users and has almost all the basic features free of cost.


  • High-quality resolution
  • No watermark, ads, or timeline
  • Directly upload videos to YouTube
  • Reduces background noise


  • It only offers one WMV format

4. Camtasia

Price: $249

Camtasia is the best and most renowned paid recorder on the market. You can record both audio and video using your desktop and iOS device.

To add a personal flavour to your video recordings, you can also capture your webcam. It is known for its excellent built-in video editing tools.

A large range of stock photos, drag-and-drop features, and effects are all available in the sidebar section of the application. Camtasia also has the option of zooming in and out, pan animations in your videos, as well as using transitions between scenes and slides to increase the overall outlook of the video.

If you are serious about recording and editing, only then should you go with this software.


  • Include a video editor that allows you to edit videos
  • Video editing features include trimming cuts, splits, changes in volume and speed, animations, transitions, green screen effect, and much more.
  • Free images, videos, and sound effects


  • It is expensive
  • It only supports 64-bit

5. Bandicam

Price: $39.99/ Free

Bandicam is a powerful screen recording software that allows gaming and screen recording. It makes use of the highest compression ratio without sacrificing video quality.

The software makes it possible to capture 4K ultra-high-definition videos at 120 frames per second. A different feature that is worth mentioning is the ability to record videos from your device.

If you purchase an additional capture card, you can record video using IPTV, HDTV, APPLE television, smartphones, PlayStation, and Xbox.

The free version puts watermarks on videos, which means you have to upgrade to use additional features.


  • Preserves video quality
  • You can add texts and take screenshots while recording
  • You can record and capture almost anything such as web browser, PowerPoint, word, excel, etc.


  • Only have two output formats
  • Bandicam free version has the limitation of recording time of 10 minutes for each video and leaves a watermark. 


You do not necessarily have to pay for them if you are new to video recording and looking for screen recording software. However, if you are pretty serious and want high-quality editing options, you could opt to sign up for the paid version.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned guide proves helpful in providing you with a general outlook of different software and their features.